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WATCH: Ami Horowitz Destroys Democrats’ Worship Of Socialism With Footage Of Venezuela

In a powerful and disturbing new video called Democrats Love Socialism, filmmaker Ami Horowitz posits that Democrats have moved hard to the left, proves it by showing American Democrats approving of socialism, then blows that sanguine perspective to smithereens by showing footage he gathered in the disaster that is socialist Venezuela.

​The Venezuelan footage begins with Horowitz walking down a dangerous street accompanied by a native. When Horowitz asks why they are there, the native answers that he is hungry, and looking for anything he can eat, whether it is a dog, cat or pigeon.

Images follow of riots, fires out of control, and starving natives fighting each other for food. Horowitz visits a barrio, and speaking with the starving natives there, notes that people will stand in line for days just to get a can of milk so they don’t starve. Horowitz points out that the natives are at risk of standing in lines for hours or days without getting food, as the lines are controlled by the government-approved mafia, called “The Collective.” They bus in their people before the stores open and grab all the food before the starving natives can get any.

Horowitz delineates how the society has broken down into the poor and the super-rich, that those in the middle class are destitute. He speaks of the violence in Venezuela, noting that although Venezuela has one-tenth the number of people that America has, it has three times the numbers of murders. One young boy tells Horowitz that his brother was murdered just so his bicycle could be taken. Another young man says his girlfriend was murdered by getting shot in the head.

Horowitz gets quite a different answer than the one he receives from American Democrats when he asks native Venezuelans if socialism works. A young man answers, “No, because if it really worked we wouldn’t be in chaos and hunger.” A young woman replies, “No. If it really worked we wouldn’t be doing this. We would not be standing in these long lines. We would not be killing each other or risking our lives. In reality, this really does not work. It sucks!” Another young man states, “No, it doesn’t work here. It’s all a lie they tell us. The government doesn’t do anything about it. They are just there to take advantage.”

When Horowitz asks one woman what she thinks of Americans wanting to bring democratic socialism to America, she says bluntly, “They would have to live what we are living so they can see for themselves that nothing is good, so they see this is only a nightmare for us, a terror.” A young girl answers, “I would tell the Americans not to commit to that madness because that is all a lie. They lied to us. We don’t have anything to eat. Crime has taken over. So, yeah, it would be smart not to commit to that madness.” A young man asserts, “I would tell them to try living here, the way we are living now. To feel what we are feeling, we invite you to come and find out for yourself.”

At the end of the video, Horowitz returns to American Democrats. One woman says confidently about socialism, “They are one of the most productive; their people are the happiest; they have the least amount of crime, violence.” Horowitz clarifies: “Socialist countries?”

The woman answers, “There’s nothing wrong with it in my eyes.”

Video below:

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