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American Flag Deemed Unacceptable ‘Political Statement’ At Harvard

In another chapter of the ongoing suppression of free speech and expression across university and college campuses via the expansion of leftism, a student of Harvard University joined Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly to share several revealing anecdotes. With stories highlighting students seemingly incapable of tolerating opposing views on the morality of abortion or the display of the American flag, Rachel Huebner added to the growing index of incidents illustrating the advancement of left-wing political culture on campuses nationwide.

In an incident in which a student was offended by the American flag, Huebner recalled the story of a friend, who was stopped by his roommate from hanging Old Glory on a wall in their residence apartment.

“My friend, who’s a freshman, on the first day of college took out an American flag from his suitcase, and his roommate stopped him, saying that the presence of the flag on the wall was a political statement that he was unwilling to make,” said Huebner.

In another incident, a female student’s request to not be seated across from anyone opposing abortion was seemingly indulged by many classmates and the attending professor.

Huebner composed an op-ed entitled “A Culture of Sensitivity” about this issue about a week ago, describing the expansion of concepts such as “safe spaces,” “cultural appropriation,” “language guides,” and “microaggressions” as stultifying the intellectual development of students. She also argued that the cultivation of overly-sensitive political dispositions is detrimental to the mental health of students, given their constant preoccupation with fears of inadvertently offending others.

“It is time to stop focusing on feelings as the criteria for speech and actions on the college campus,” concluded Huebner in her article.

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