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ALLIES: American Volunteers Join Israeli Firefighters To Battle Dangerous Blazes From Palestinian Kites

By  Hank Berrien

It isn’t just Israeli firefighters fighting the blazes triggered by the incendiary kites launched by Hamas over the Israeli border: American volunteers are joining in the fight, and they aren’t all Jews.

The firefighters joined the Emergency Volunteers Project (EVP), which has brought medical and rescue personnel from all over the world since 2009 to aid Israel, from the huge forest fires of 2010 and 2016, to doctors and nurses helping at Ashkelon’s Barzilai Hospital during Operation Protective Edge.

The American firefighters who flew to Israel wear the uniform and carry the same gear as Israel Fire and Rescue Services to fight against the thousands of kites, balloons, and even birds that have been launched to start catastrophic fires inside Israel by cells of Hamas-aligned terrorists.

Ten firefighters arrived in Israel last week; 40 volunteers are on standby.

EVP spokesperson Eitan Chernoff stated, “Over the course of the deployments and training, many of our volunteers have formed very close bonds and friendships with their Israeli counterparts. For some, this is their second and third time deploying together.”

As Israel National News points out, “Not all of the volunteers are Jewish. Many of them have no obviously tangible connection to Israel other than their sense of connection to the country and their desire to help out.

EVP CEO Adi Zahavi asserted, “This is exactly what EVP was founded for, to bring the best of America’s best and other rescue services to Israel to show solidarity and support to their Israeli brothers. Every time we deploy our teams whether it be medical, fire, or others, I am reminded that we are not alone.”

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