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Alleged Sexual Predator Charlie Rose Pitched For ‘Comeback Show’ Where He’d Interview Other #MeToo ‘Victims’

Disgraced former PBS and CBS anchor Charlie Rose, who lost his job after being accused of several instances of sexual impropriety, may be coming back to the airwaves, according to the New York Post. And what’s worse, Rose may be capitalizing off his involvement in the #MeToo wave of sexual harassment allegations, using his on-air time to interview other men like him, who have been accused of serious sexual misconduct.

The Post’s Page Six reports that Rose is “being slated to star in a show where he’ll interview other high-profile men who have also been toppled by #MeToo scandals.” Producers of the show reportedly approached media maven Tina Brown to sponsor and co-host the show, but Brown says she refused.

Brown told an audience last week that the program would be a “Netflix” show, ostensibly aired by the web-based streaming network rather than airing on live television, and that Rose would help others, like Louis C.K. and Matt Lauer, “atone” for their past behaviors.

A source told Page Six that Netflix has nothing to do with the project.

The show is still just a rumor, but it didn’t take long for women involved in the #MeToo wave to strenuously object to the thought of big name journalists and comedians capitalizing off their past indiscretions and subsequent falls from grace.

These women are right: most of the men accused of sexual harassment as part of #MeToo also used their considerable weight in the industry to con women into sexual favors, and to keep those who didn’t play their games from finding opportunities for career advancement.

Rose, for example, is accused of inviting women to his home for “mentoring,” only to proposition them.

But a return to the spotlight for Rose and Lauer, at least, is likely inevitable. Lauer, at least, has been plotting his comeback since being booted from the “Today Show.” This is just the latest idea floated to potential audiences.

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