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Alex Jones Was Just Turned Into An Indie Folk Song And It’s Amazing

By  Chase

The YouTube channel Super Deluxe recently uploaded a music video (below) that hilariously uses the political rants of perpetually red-faced radio host Alex Jones as lyrics to a moody indie pop folk song.

The video’s description reads: This is what Alex Jones’ rants would sound like as a Bon Iver song. “Jones Iver” by Nick Lutsko.

SFGate provides this hilarious description: “The video begins with a shirtless, forest-bathing Jones, in his transcendent pilgrimage to a river last year. A gentle and melodic guitar accompanies conspiracy-theorist and conservative radio talk show host Jones’ croons about the Satan-loving Christian-murdering scum who want to eat babies.”

Currently the clip has amassed almost 700,000 views on YouTube and has gone viral on Facebook, racking up 6.3 million views and 85,000 shares.

Jones responded to the video via Twitter, writing:

The same YouTube channel that created “Jones Iver” also made a series of videos based on Trump’s tweets arranged as an early 2000’s emo song:

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