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AL GORE SAYS DUMBEST THING EVER: Global Warming Means Bitter Cold

For the last dozen years or more, the Left has been doing some fancy footwork over “global warming.”

First, it turned out that the Earth wasn’t really warming — the temperature rise stopped for more than a decade. So global warmists said it was just a “pause.” (They’d later say they “found” the rise — deep in the oceans).

Of course, the warmists said global warming would lead to more extreme weather, like lots of hurricanes. The U.S. promptly went for a long stretch without a major hurricane.

Along the way, the warmists abandoned their old term, opting for a new one — “climate change.” The amateur climatologists are forever haranguing naysayers, often pointing out that “weather” is different from “climate.” So, a cold day or week is just “weather,” but it’s really getting warmer, warmer, warmer.

But now, in a new twist, those same “experts” are saying that global warming . . . er, climate change . . . means it can sometimes get a lot colder — for months.

Including the ever-wrong Al Gore.

That’s right, Gore is saying this “weather” we’re having proves that the “climate” is changing. (Yes, we also know it’s colder in the winter than the summer, so don’t email with that insight, please, we’re just telling you what Al Gore says).

Gore, you’ll remember, famously said “the entire North Polarized cap will disappear in 5 years.” That was in 2008. We haven’t been there ourselves to check, but we’re pretty sure the polar ice cap is still there. We did find this on the Interwebs: “Ice growth during November 2017 averaged 30,900 square miles per day,” according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

Gore linked to an article titled A ‘PERFECT STORM’: EXTREME WINTER WEATHER, BITTER COLD, AND CLIMATE CHANGE (climate changers often yell).

“World-renowned climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann explains why the bitter cold and snowy conditions gripping the US are ‘an example of precisely the sort of extreme winter weather we expect because of climate change,'” the article says.

The piece concludes: “So, to the climate change doubters and deniers out there, the unusual weather we’re seeing this winter is in no way evidence against climate change. It is an example of precisely the sort of extreme winter weather we expect because of climate change.”

With most of the country freezing its tuchus off, Gore took a beating on Twitter.

Some gave “too much winning” President Trump the credit.

And one pointed out the phenomenon happening in Florida.

But still, Gore is the perfect spokesman for global warming. “Al Gore’s Nashville estate expends 21 times more energy a year than typical U.S. home … ” The Washington Times reported (the former vice president lives in a 10,000-square-foot house in Nashville). He flies all over the world, burning thousands of gallons of fossil fuel in his private jet — to lecture people about their carbon footprints.

And he’s wrong all the time. As we said, perfect.

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