After Two NYPD Officers Shot, NYC Mayor Adams Demands Federal Government ‘Help Stop The Flow Of Guns’
New York City Mayor Eric Adams speaks to members of the media at Harlem Hospital on January 21, 2022 in New York City.
Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

New York City Mayor Eric Adams called on the federal government to help “stop the flow of guns” after two NYPD officers were shot, one fatally, in Harlem Friday night.

Adams made the remarks in a press conference Friday night outside Harlem Hospital, where one of the two officers was being treated for gunshot wounds.

Adams, who is a former NYPD officer himself, told reporters that under normal circumstances, only police officials would be standing at the podium giving remarks. “I did not want that tonight,” Adams said. “I wanted everyone to be in the same room. I wanted everyone to be here to understand: It is our city against the killers.”

“It is our city against the killers. This was just not an attack on three brave officers, this was an attack on the city of New York. It is an attack on the children and families of this city, and we are not going to win this battle by dividing lines between us. We must save this city together.”

Adams then pointed out that a number of shootings that had taken place in recent days, including an 11-month old baby who was shot and killed in the Bronx earlier this week, and five NYPD officers who were shot in the line of duty so far this year — four in a period of just 72 hours, including the two officers shot Friday night. “It is time to save our city. And we are going to need everyone on the same page to accomplish this task.”

It was at that point that Adams explained what that meant. “Let me be clear: there are no gun manufacturers in New York City. We don’t make guns here,” he said. “How are we removing thousands of guns off the street, and they still find their way into New York City? In the hands of people who are killers, constantly carving highways of death, destroying our communities. We need Washington to join us and act now to stop the flow of guns in New York City and cities like New York.”

“We are all witnesses. We have witnessed these murders, and we have witnessed the failure on the federal level to stop the flow of guns to this city. We are … standing united against these killers, and those who are arming them,” Adams continued, calling the suppliers of guns used in crimes “co-conspirators to the violence that we are witnessing in New York City.”

“We’re going to find these guns, and we’re going to find those who carry them and use them,” Adams said. “We are committed to ending this violence.”

The two NYPD officers were ambushed while responding to a domestic disturbance call Friday evening in Harlem. The New York Post reported that 22 year-old officer Jason Rivera, who had only joined the force in 2020, was shot and killed, while 27 year-old Wilbert Mora, who had been an officer since 2018, was “gravely injured.” Mora was taken to Harlem Hospital shortly afterward. A third officer who was also present at the scene opened fire on the suspect, hitting him in the head and arm, the Post reported.  The gun used by the suspect was a Glock .45 with a 40-round magazine, which, according to the Post, had been previously reported as stolen in Baltimore, Maryland.

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