Adidas Celebrates Biological Men Competing In Women’s Sports

"I play for Brazil. And for all trans women. So when you cheer my name, we all win, on and off the court"
(Photo credit should read NELSON ALMEIDA/AFP via Getty Images)

As controversy continues across the nation over biological men competing in women’s sports, Adidas is celebrating transgender athletes through the ad campaign “I’mPossible.”

Each ad features a figure that has taken “hold of the world’s spotlight” in some way — including Brazilian volleyball player Tifanny Abreu, a transgender woman.

“It’s impossible,” narrates one of the Adidas ads. “To take hold of the world’s spotlight overnight. Create your own uniform. Be a cover model. A powerful athlete. Or compete as a trans woman. Impossible? No. I’mpossible.”



Abreu “pioneered doing something that has never been done before: becoming the first transgender athlete in Brazil’s Superliga,” Adidas’s YouTube description says.

“Not only is she an unstoppable athlete, but she also uses her voice to encourage others to embrace their own identities,” the caption reads.

“I am Tifanny Abreu,” the transgender athlete narrates. “I play for Brazil. And for all trans women. So when you cheer my name, we all win, on and off the court. My story is not impossible. Because I’m possible.”

Adidas did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Daily Wire regarding the ads, originally published in February.


Adidas also featured Abreu in a 2021 ad campaign called “Impossible Is Nothing.”

The brand captioned the 2021 ad: “Tifanny Abreu only saw possibilities. To be a Trans Woman. A professional athlete. And an inspiration—for all of us—to be whoever and whatever we want to be.”

The transgender athlete was “the first trans woman to be the face of a major brand,” Outsports reported at the time.

“My greatest legacy is not to reach an Olympics, but to open paths for new trans athletes in the near future. My wish is that, more and more, confederations start to see us not as trans people, but as athletes,” Abreu told the publication Universa in 2021. “I am sure that, in the future, these athletes will represent our country and I dream of the day when we will be seen as just any athlete, without controversy and hatred.”



The ads come ahead of the NCAA Division I Women’s Swimming & Diving Championship where swimmer Lia Thomas, a biological man who identifies as a transgender woman, will compete in women’s races.

“I just want to show trans kids and younger trans athletes that they’re not alone,” Thomas reportedly said in an interview with Sports Illustrated. “They don’t have to choose between who they are and the sport they love.”

Thomas won several women’s titles at the Ivy League Swimming and Diving Championships in February, setting a record in both the 200-yard freestyle and the 500-yard freestyle.

The transgender swimmer is favored to win both the 200 and 500-yard freestyle events at the NCAA Women’s Division I Swimming and Diving Championships, beginning March 16 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sports Illustrated reports that Thomas is on course to be 7-time Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky’s “teammate at the 2024 Games in Paris—and perhaps challenge Ledecky’s Olympic records.”

Eleven states have recently enacted legislation banning biological males from competing in women’s sports, and at least 29 states have made moves to craft or pass legislation banning biological males from women’s sports, according to data compiled by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Other Republican-backed legislation bans minors from obtaining transgender surgeries and hormones — medical interventions that advocates and many in the legacy media frame as “gender-affirming medical care.”

During the State of the Union address, President Joe Biden urged lawmakers to enact the radically progressive Equality Act, criticizing the “onslaught of state laws targeting transgender Americans and their families.”

“As I said last year, especially to our younger transgender Americans, I’ll always have your back as your president so you can be yourself and reach your God-given potential,” Biden added.

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