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Actor: Use Animation To Push ‘Progressive Values’ To Kids

By  Robert Kraychik

An upcoming animated children’s film will encourage younger audiences to “understand and adopt progressive values,” according to the film’s lead voice actor.

In an interview with HuffPost, voice actor T.J. Miller explained the political agenda embedded within The Emoji Movie; an animated comedy film tailored toward children and slated for release at the end of July.

The Emoji Movie is part of a broader movement in Hollywood to proselytize leftism, said Miller. HuffPost’s Claire Fallon described Hollywood’s political agitation as a means to “resist President Trump.”

Miller explained his attraction to joining the cast of The Emoji Movie:

So this was an opportunity to do something optimistic, positivistic and you know, we have very few weapons in the current administration, and one of them is to target a younger demographic and try and help them understand and adopt progressive values.

The Emoji Movie will push feminist narratives framing females as a neo-proletariat under the thumb of men, said Miller:

So the movie has a lot to say to women, and how they have limitless potential, and one of the characters literally breaks through a glass ceiling.

Boys will be surreptitiously advised to ignore expectations held of them by their family and peers via themes of The Emoji Movie, said Miller:

And you’ve got a guy who wants to be what everybody wants him to be, but his malfunction is that he expresses himself and is — we’re trying to say that the best you is not the you that you’re doing for everyone else, but the authentic you. And don’t hide that, be OK with expressing it.

America’s primary political fault line is “progressives” versus “regressives”, according to Miller. He described the former group as persons fearing the Trump administration:

Now, I have this political obstacle that we need to discuss, in part because the progressives, who far outnumber the regressives in this country, voted against him. …

[People in Ireland] wanted someone to talk about how they sympathize with the powerlessness, the futility that everybody is feeling right now. So, in these beginning stages, because unfortunately we’re only in the beginning stages, it’s important for me to tell people that they are not alone in their fear, in their actual understanding of what’s happening.

Miller views the entertainment and news media industries as history-altering apparatuses:

[Our political opponents] have also turned their artillery on media, and Hollywood specifically. They understand that we are the weapon that can possibly change the course of history.

The rejection of “progressive” politics may destroy humanity, warns Miller, urging HuffPost and other news media outlets to stridently push leftism:

People forget we are running up against something that could destroy the human species, and that doesn’t have anything to do with MY opinion. That is Noam Chomsky’s opinion. If you guys don’t put everything into it, if Vanity Fair doesn’t put everything into it, if everybody doesn’t pitch in …

And you’re one of the few outlets that really has power, because people look towards you. Even more than Vanity Fair. Take that seriously.

The Daily Wire‘s Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro exposited on the propagation of leftism via television and film in his 2012 book, Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How the Left Took Over Your TV.

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