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95-Year-Old War Hero Loses His Home In Hurricane, Then His Granddaughter Steps In

By  Ryan Saavedra

The granddaughter of a World War II veteran living in Texas who lost his home in Hurricane Harvey, launched a fundraiser to help get her grandfather a new home after learning the insurance company would not cover the full cost of the damages.

Hewitt Bauguss, Sr., 95, who served in both the Army Air Corps and later in the National Guard, lost his travel trailer in Hurricane Harvey. His insurance company reportedly notified him that due to the age of the trailer, they would only prorate its value — leaving him significantly short of the funds needed to find a new, suitable living arrangement.

In response, his granddaughter, Kourtney Rodefeld, decided to launch a GoFundMe page on September 10 to help raise the additional money needed to get him a new home.

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“Despite his age, he has remained active and independent living in his trailer along the Brazos River in Brazoria, Texas,” Rodefeld wrote. “Getting by on only his modest Social Security check each month, he has been unable to afford new housing after the rising flood waters overtook his home and belongings.”

Rodefeld set a goal of $20,000 that she hoped to raise for her grandfather, and, after only four days, she has received donations from more than 245 contributors totaling over $17,500.

“We are reaching out to the community with the hope that we can raise enough money for a simple travel trailer that he can call home again,” Rodefeld continued. “Any additional funds will go towards replacing clothes, groceries, and other essential items to get him back on his feet.”

Rodefeld described her grandfather as “broken” and “devastated” after seeing the damage to his home and learning he would not have enough money to replace it. She reportedly lives nearby and visits her grandfather every week, assisting him with his weekly visit to the grocery store.

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