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8 Facts From The Fox Poll That Spell Doom For Trump

By  Hank Berrien

If the latest FOX News poll is reasonably accurate, and the 2016 election were held today, Donald Trump would lose to Hillary Clinton for a variety of reasons.

FOX has essentially been in the tank for Trump for months, with some notable exceptions like Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier, so it’s interesting that the poll reveals substantial weaknesses in the Trump arsenal that would cripple him in the general election.

Here’s some of the important data gleaned from the poll, which surveyed 1,004 registered voters:

  1. There has been a six-point swing toward Clinton in the last month; in mid-May Trump led among voters 45%-42%, but Clinton now leads 42%-39%.
  2. Here’s what may be the most important statistic: More people think Clinton will win; 46% of voters think Clinton will win; 40% think Trump will win. This is an astonishing statistic when coupled with the following statistic, because it shows how deeply unpopular Trump is compared to other Republicans. In February, when no one knew who the GOP nominee would be, the poll showed a prospective GOP nominee leading Clinton 47%-38%, That means there has been a massive 15-point shift toward Clinton because Trump is the nominee.
  3. Trump has wounded the GOP significantly with his vehement internecine rhetoric; while 47% of voters think the primary season hurt the Democratic Party, a thundering 66% of voters believe the GOP was hurt by its primary warfare.
  4. Another whopping difference that really spells trouble for Trump; despite Clinton’s reputation taking a beating for her e-mail scandal and her involvement in the aftermath of the Benghazi murders of four Americans, 69% of voters found her qualified to be president; only 47% of voters thought Trump qualified.
  5. Trump’s behavior has made him so persona non grata that he trails significantly in likeability; 47% of voters found Clinton likeable; only 39% of voters felt the same way about Trump.
  6. Here’s another astonishing statistic; with all of Clinton’s obfuscations and possible lying about her behavior, 44% of voters found her to have the integrity to serve as president, while only 38% felt that way about Trump.
  7. Apparently, voters have realized that Trump’s constant evasion during the debates when confronted with issues that required knowledge marks him as ignorant; in the most huge difference between the two candidates, 71% of voters felt Clinton had the knowledge to serve as president; only a paltry 38% of voters felt that way about Trump.
  8. Another massive gap, although not entirely unexpected, given Trump’s myriad explosions; 60% of voters felt Clinton had the temperament to be president, only 33% of voters thought Trump’s temperament appropriate for the post.

There has been a massive 15-point shift toward Clinton because Trump is the nominee.

All of these facts spell permanent trouble for Trump, as the Democrats are unifying and all of his character traits will cripple him the general election. Will the GOP wake up and avoid the debacle before it’s too late?

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