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6-Year-Old ‘Disciplined’ For ‘Misgendering’ A Transgender Classmate

By  Robert

A 6-year-old boy was removed from a British school by his parents after being disciplined for “mis-gendering” a male classmate who alternated between dressing “as both a boy and a girl.”

Nigel and Sally Rowe described their concerns to the BBC:

Our child came home from school one day saying, “Daddy, I’m confused.” There’s a boy in his class who sometimes coming as a boy and sometimes coming as a girl, and we were concerned about that because it’s very confusing. How do children deal with that?

Let’s remember, these are primary school children. This is six years of age. We don’t know what effect that can have on the other children and how they can deal with that.

A BBC hostess pushed back against the Rowes’ concerns, telling the parents that children are “very adaptable” at a young age.

The Diocese of Portsmouth — which administers the school — said it must “respect diversity of all kinds.”

The Rowes said they were accused of being “transphobic” — a term coined by the Left — by school administrators for rejecting the social constructionist narrative of gender as non-binary and fluid.

“I am shocked by the suggestion, especially from a church school, that just because we question the notion that a six-year-old boy can really become a girl, we are transphobic,” said Mrs. Rowe.

The boy who alternated between boys’ and girls’ uniforms was confused, added Mrs. Rowe: “We believe he [the older boy] was under stress by the confusion that was caused by having a boy in his class that decided that they were going to have a girl’s name and dress as a girl.”

Leftists regularly frame gender as a social construct divorced from biology, rejecting sexual dimorphism as a feature of humans. They further push for legislation mandating recognition of transgender persons’ “gender identity” while denying that transgenderism is a mental illness.

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