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5 Things You Need to Know About Hillary’s Friend Sidney Blumenthal

Semen-soaked dress Sidney Blumenthal will not evaporate gracefully out of the Clintonian stratosphere. The same man that slut-shamed Monica Lewinsky into silence, welcoming the era of cyberbullying, now sits at the center of the Benghazi-scandal.

Sidney Blumenthal is the quintessential mule of the ‘Washington Cartel.’ Hillary Clinton’s long-time pal is no stranger to opprobrium. Here are five things you need to know about Hillary’s dirty errand boy:

1. Sidney Blumenthal exploited his connections to Hillary to feed her bad information on Libya. As a long-time Clinton attack hound, Blumenthal exploited Hillary’s top-post at the State Department for his own personal and monetary gain. The Congressional investigation led by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) revealed Blumenthal and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton exchanged thousands of personal correspondences via the private email server. At the time, Blumenthal was working for the Clinton Foundation and urged Hillary to provide privileged information on the economic and political climate of Libya.

“The emails, provided by Sidney Blumenthal, a close adviser to Mrs. Clinton, include information about weapons that were circulating in Libya and about the security situation in Benghazi in the year and a half before the attacks,” reported the The New York Times, “In the emails he gave to the committee, there are several references to weapons in Libya. One describes how a Libyan opposition leader feared that the United States did not want to provide weapons to opposition groups because the arms could fall into the hands of Al Qaeda or other radical Islamist groups. Another email included a list of weapons said to be possessed by the government of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi.” Blumenthal now stands accused of exploiting this State Department-provided intelligence for his own business dealings.

Observer News rightly asserts, “Faulting the Benghazi committee for scrutinizing Mr. Blumenthal is like saying the Warren Commission was preoccupied with Lee Harvey Oswald.”

2. Sidney Blumenthal is the main cog in the Clinton attack machine. If ever the term political hit-man applied, it would be here. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton rely on Blumenthal to take out any and all opposition to their power-hungry ambitions. Reason notes:

Blumenthal’s nastiness and willingness to fling shit like a howler monkey in heat earned him the sobriquet “Sid Vicious,” because, well, you know there’s really not much difference between a New Republic and New Yorker kind of guy and the junk-addicted, homicidal bassist for the Sex Pistols, amirite.

Blumenthal tossed in his journalism cred to work for the Clinton White House in roles ranging from what the Wall Street Journal calls “political Svengali to opposition hit man.” He was there for the worst times in the Clinton White House and his apparent role in the “nuts-and-sluts” strategy and more led to a phenomenally acrimonious public break with his one-time best buddy, Christopher Hitchens.

3. Sidney Blumenthal reportedly spread false rumors and libelous claims against Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential election. Ironically, many of the seemingly racist and unfair attacks against Obama were allegedly the machinations of Blumenthal’s decrepit mind. While the Left calls in the sensitivity police to deal with Republican criticism, it leaves Blumenthal untouched. As a top aide to then-candidate Hillary Clinton, Blumenthal was reportedly assigned to defame candidate Barack Obama using any seedy tool at his disposal. Observer News reveals:

He encouraged the Clinton campaign to exploit Mr. Obama’s relationship to Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and tried to push out to the media bogus stories about Mr. Obama’s alleged ties to Louis Farrakhan. And the spineless Mr. Obama predictably helped Ms. Clinton out by denouncing Mr. Farrakhan’s endorsement of him, instead of merely ignoring it and reaping the benefit of even more solid African-American support for his campaign.When President Obama was running against Ms. Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primaries, Mr. Blumenthal sent dozens of anti-Obama articles from far-right publications to reporters and others, smearing Ms. Clinton’s rival. Much of what he sent was sub-conspiracy theory material and had no basis in fact. Mr. Blumenthal was also a proponent of playing the race card against President Obama in the most unsavory way.

“Faulting the Benghazi committee for scrutinizing Mr. Blumenthal is like saying the Warren Commission was preoccupied with Lee Harvey Oswald.”

Observer News

4. Sidney Blumenthal mercilessly attacked Monica Lewinsky to exonerate Bill Clinton. Blumenthal’s role in the Clinton-Lewinksy scandal is inscribed as one the most disgraceful moments of modern presidential history. The Clinton attack-dog allegedly lied in sworn Congressional testimony. Blumenthal denied involvement in spreading negative rumors and slanderous falsehoods against Monica Lewinsky, despite a sworn affidavit for his long-time friend, journalist Christopher Hitchens, disputing Blumenthal’s testimony. Hitchens corroborated the evidence that suggested that Blumenthal had indeed spread the rumor that Lewinsky was a “stalker.” As retribution for this apparent act of betrayal, Blumenthal excommunicated Hitchens and shunned him as a Washington pariah.

Blumenthal’s rage was not satiated just yet. He continued this crusade of vengeance against all Clinton dissidents and opponents. Observer News documents:

Going back to the Bill Clinton impeachment crisis, Mr. Blumenthal, then the president’s special adviser, spread false rumors that one of Kenneth Starr’s prosecutors abused young boys at a Christian summer camp and that Monica Lewinsky was stalking the president. In 1995, Mr. Blumenthal told reporters that Alma Powell, Colin Powell’s wife, suffered from clinical depression and was thus unfit to be a first lady. At the time, there were rumors that Colin Powell would run in the Republican presidential primaries, a prospect that terrified the Clinton re-election campaign.

5. Sidney Blumenthal’s son, Max Blumenthal, is an anti-Semitic, Israel-demonizing, conspiracy-minded nutcase. Although Max’s followers are few and far between, his influence in the lascivious world of online hubs’ anti-Zionist conspiracy theory is still substantial. Blumenthal is cited by a number of pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel fringe websites including The Electronic Intifada, a name that betrays its intentions, and the shamelessly Jew-bashing conspiracy site, Mondoweiss. A regular provocateur on social media, alongside his equally anti-Semitic partner in crime faux-journalist Rania Khalek, Max mercilessly bullies anybody that dares contradict his viewpoints via 150 characters. Max’s discredited and poorly-written diatribe against Israel, aptly entitled Goliath, failed to generate any sales beyond his anti-Semitic cult of followers. The Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law has suggested that Max’s book attempts to mainstream anti-Semitism by conflating Israel with Nazi Germany. Max Blumenthal’s “open call for the demise of the Jewish state and a “Juden raus”-policy for those of Israel’s Jews who would be unwilling to ‘become indigenized’ after the hoped-for victory of the BDS movement” is the hallmark of the Jew-hater’s legacy. And Sidney routinely sent Max’s diatribes to his good friend, Hillary Clinton.