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21-Year-Old ‘Influencer’ Licks Toilet Seat To Challenge Coronavirus. Now He Says He’s Got It.
toilet bowl
Photo by Bernard Van Berg/EyeEm/GettyImages

A 21-year-old “influencer” who filmed himself licking a public toilet bowl as part of a TikTok “coronavirus challenge” is now in the hospital and said he has coronavirus.

Earlier this month, “Larz” filmed himself walking into a public restroom, squatting next to a toilet bowl and licking it twice, as The Sun reported. The Daily Mail added that “Larz” tweeted, then deleted,I tested positive for Coronavirus.” The Daily Mail noted, “The post, which includes a video of him languishing in a hospital bed is a far cry from the foul video he posted five days ago of him licking a public toilet seat, which was captioned: ‘RT (retweet) to spread awareness for the Coronavirus.’”

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan responded to the news about the influencer’s revelation by calling him “scum” and saying,‘Karma is a strange thing. If you behave in such a reckless, moronic, selfless manner, karma will catch up with you. I don’t take any pleasure, I don’t wish illness on people, but this has got to stop. These acts of reckless stupidity. That guy who licked the bowl, did he infect anyone else?” He tweeted, “Why is this moron getting treated? He should be in jail, not taking up a vital hospital bed.”

Morgan wrote of people who have done similar things, “These people need to be arrested & charged with attempted murder. I’m serious.” On Good Morning Britain, Morgan stated, “You may remember also the other idiot, who, as part of the ‘coronavirus challenge’ that some morons are doing, went into his local toilet cubicle here and licked the bowl. I think this is called karma … Here’s a picture of him on his Instagram page. Yeah, he’s got coronavirus. That’s him in hospital.”

Morgan’s co-host responded, “You know what? He expects someone to save his life now. He expects someone to provide some medical assistance. Absolutely disgusting.””

The Daily Mail noted, “Larz previously appeared on Dr. Phil with another influencer Bameron Kall, 20, where they discussed how they had licked tubs of ice cream and spat mouthwash back into the bottle in viral videos. ‘I don’t talk to my family,’ Larz told Dr. Phil.  ‘They’re irrelevant. None of them have followers, if they got followers or got rich I’d probably talk to them again.'”

“Larz” has released videos on YouTube that illustrate how he apparently prefers to say outrageous things; some quotes from one of his videos in which he wanders through an apartment include the following:

“You guys caught me doing laundry, trying to get the semen on my underwear. It’s my dad’s.”

“I’m watering my plant right now.”   Asked if it had a name, he responds, “Downs Syndrome.”

“So this is when I get f***ed up before my dad comes over, because he always sticks his d*** inside of me without asking.”

“Some people like to take baths like Whitney Houston. Whitney actually died in that exact bathtub. I know, right? I helped her open the bottle of painkillers. Dumb f***ing b****.”

“Die Demi Lovato; you’re a fat F***ing d*** and nobody cares about your career.”