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21 Lies Told By PolitiFact (Not Including Obama Got Rid of Syria’s Chemical Weapons)

By  John Nolte

The fraudulent, left-wing propagandists who call themselves PolitiFact, have once again been caught red-handed, this time due to the unspeakable act committed by an evil Syrian government that refuses to play along with an obvious lie published by PolitiFact back in July of 2014.

If you recall, it was just about three years ago, when President Obama’s then-Secretary of State John Kerry was running around all 5 of the Sunday shows and not being in any way challenged as he boasted that the Obama administration had “got 100 percent of chemical weapons out of Syria.”

Kerry’s claim was absurd on its face.


Although PolitiFact had absolutely no way to definitively prove whether or not Obama’s brag was true, although the idea that the monsters who run Syria would willingly give up their chemical weapons was beyond ridiculous, in order to make Barry “The Red Line” Obama look like less of a fool, PolitiFact still rated what we all knew was a lie as “mostly true.”

Today, due to an inhuman chemical attack launched by the Syrian government against innocent civilians, the left-wing PolitiFact has been forced to retract (and archive) that laughable fact-check — retract what is yet another example in an infinite number of examples that prove PolitiFact’s primary role is that of propagandists for the Democrat Party.

After all, the same PolitiFact that assured you Syria had no chemical weapons, is the same PolitiFact that assured you…

1. You can keep your insurance under ObamaCare

2. Illegal Aliens are not criminals.

3. Hillary didn’t lie. But the mother who lost her son at Benghazi probably did.

4. Trump’s National Debt numbers are correct, but he still lied.

5. Trump quoted Hillary verbatim but is still lying about what she said.

6. Democrats who sat during a Navy SEAL tribute were not seated.

7. The shrinking Democrat Party is not shrinking.

8. Jokes about Iran are lies.

9. Obama did not go on an international apology tour.

10. Reporting accurate numbers about the Clinton Foundation’s lack of charitable giving is lying.

11. Quoting accurate numbers about the number of women who lost their jobs during the Obama administration is lying.

12. Hillary never sent or received classified information through her home-brewed server.

13. When a Democrat says it, it’s the truth. When a Republican says it, not so much.

14. Republicans lie more than Democrats.

15. ObamaCare is not in a Death Spiral.

16. Trump took Thomas Jefferson out of context.

17. People are not more optimistic about the economy.

18. Trump did not save the F-35 contract.

19. Waterboarding doesn’t work.

20. Mike Pence denied evolution.

21. Republican Senator Ron Johnson Denied Humans Affect Climate Change

There is a bunch more lies, but I just ran out of Internet…

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