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Liam Neeson Cut An Ad For Abortion. Then Things Went Wrong.

Action star Liam Neeson recorded a new ad for Amnesty International calling on Ireland to make abortion legal.

The message of the commercial is that protecting innocent unborn baby humans from murderous doctors employed by mothers not wanting the responsibility of the life they created is an antiquated cause. Neeson uses dark flowery language to get across the idea that repealing the 8th Amendment in Ireland is a good thing because killing babies is a far better option than letting them be adopt by loving families.

In the ad, Neeson says, “A ghost haunts Ireland. A cruel ghost of the last century… It blindly brings suffering, even death, to the women whose lives it touches. Feared by politicians, this is a ghost of paper and ink… A constitution written for a different time. It is the shadow of the country we’d left behind… Ireland doesn’t have to be chained to its past. It’s time to lay this ghost of rest.”

But people have hated the ad so much that the ratings have been blocked because four times as many people have thumbs-downed the video than thumbs-upped it.

People have also shared their displeasure with the actor on social media, not unlike this shout-out from Jimmy Kimmel’s celebrity mean tweets…

liam neeson

Neeson’s latest installment of his hugely successful action film franchise ‘Taken’ will now most likely be titled: ‘Taken…. Away A Baby’s Right To Life.’

Gonna be YUGE.

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