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10 Worst Anti-Cop Signs At Black Lives Matter Rallies

By  Aaron Bandler

Black Lives Matter rallies feature some horrendous signs that are virulently anti-police, which contribute to the anti-cop sentiment that breeds cop killers like Gavin Long and Micah X. Johnson. Here are the 10 worst anti-cop signs at Black Lives Matter rallies.

1. “Oink Oink Bang-Bang!” This was a sign at a Black Lives Matter protest just last week:

2. “Assata Taught Me.”

“Assata” is a reference to Assata Shakur, also known as Joanne Chesimard, who was sentenced to life for murdering a cop but escaped prison and is currently in Cuba.

3. “Dear Pigs: What goes around comes around.”

This was a sign reportedly held by somebody named Jason Ozolins at a Black Lives Matter rally at Park Central Square in Springfield, MO. He later held up a second sign that was also horrible.

4. Ozolins’ second sign thanked Johnson for his “sacrifice” in murdering the five Dallas police officers.

“Non-violence isn’t bad,” Ozolins told the News-Leader. “But it only works if people listen.”

To their credit, many of the attendees, including the organizers of the rally, denounced Ozolins’ signs for not being “peaceful.” However, the lies spread by the Black Lives Matter movement that police offices are systemically racist against blacks foments the kinds of signs that Ozolins made.

5. “Fight Fire With Fire.”

This was part of a sign at a rally in August 2015 protesting the death of Terrance Kellom, who was reportedly shot by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent after charging at him with a hammer.


“Fight fire with fire” is an idiom that is defined as using “against your opponent the same methods he or she is using against you.” The sign then implies that blacks should kill police officers since police officers are supposedly killing blacks.

6. “F*** The Police.”

A couple of men wore t-shirts at a rally in Baltimore, MD in May 2015 that read “F*** The Police.” One of the men held a sign saying, “Black Lives Matter Baltimore! WE WANT REAL JUSTICE!”

7. Another “F*** The Police” sign.

This sign was standing alone at a April 2015 rally in Baltimore; not only did it read “F*** The Police,” it also said: “I HATE YAll I WOULD KILL ALL 6 OF U BITCHES.”

That is a clear references to the six police officers involved in the Freddie Gray killing.

8. “Cop Criminals of Permission.”

This was on a sweatshirt worn by a protester at an April 2015 Black Lives Matter rally in Springfield, MA.

9. “Prisons Are Slavery Police Are The Slave Trade.”

This was a sign held at the aforementioned rally.

10. “Abolish Police Smash The State Liberate the HOOD!”

Another protester at the Springfield rally held this sign; standing next to her is a lady holding a sign saying, “ABOLISH PRISONS DISBAND POLICE.”

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