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You Won’t Believe What PLANNED PARENTHOOD Just Tweeted About ‘Safety From Violence’

Planned Parenthood just tweeted one of the most idiotic statements of this century — so idiotic, in fact, that it had to delete and retweet it a second time due to the wave of hilarious trolling it has received.

The tweet urged for “justice” for attempted cop killer Michael Brown, who was shot by a cop in 2014 in Ferguson Missouri, and linked it to a woman’s “right” to eliminate her unborn child, along with an article titled, “The Murder of Black Youth Is a Reproductive Justice Issue.”

The article discusses the “murder” of young black men with regard to reproductive “rights,” claiming that the pain of a mother losing her child to a cop shooting is similar to the pain of an “overwhelmed mother of three” who wants an abortion. Both the right to have children and to “not have children” should be regarded as feminist issues, the article claims.

Because the pain of the mother of a gang member who was shot by cops equals the pain of a mother who can’t wait to get rid of her baby, according to Planned Parenthood’s supposed feminist theory.

The fact that an organization dedicated to the mass murder of developing babies also supports a racial separatist movement such as Black Lives Matter is quite appropriate; however, not only because both movements are far-left. Rather, both movements represent violence and the decriminalization of violence for the sole purpose of fulfilling a certain political agenda.

Planned Parenthood’s statement, “None are safe until we can be free from violence,” is quite right. All, unborn and born alike, are indeed in peril as long as leftist groups such as Planned Parenthood and Black Lives Matter are framing the national narrative.

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