‘You F***ing Babies’: Bill Maher And Piers Morgan Slam ‘Pathetic’ ‘Victim Culture’ That Needs ‘Trigger’ Warnings On Everything

Bill Maher attends the 2017 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on February 26, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California.
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Bill Maher and Piers Morgan slammed the “victim culture” of this generation and called the need for “trigger” warnings on everything — like classic movies and TV — just “pathetic.”

During the “Club Random with Bill Maher” podcast on Monday, the host and his guest — former “Good Morning Britain” host Piers Morgan — talked about how it’s now “celebrated to be weak” in society. Maher wondered aloud who those people were who needed “disclaimers” on movies like “Gone With The Wind,” calling them “f***ing babies” and telling them be just be a “grown up.” It starts at the 31:57 minute mark.

“By the way, that movie, entertaining as f***,” the podcast host explained. ” And the people who need a disclaimer, this is the problem. You f***ing babies. It’s 1939. Can’t you just see by the film stock that things were very different.”

“Humans are like history in general, we evolve,” he added. “Just celebrate we’re not racist anymore and just be a grown up.”

Morgan then slammed the idea of putting a “warning” on even things like comedy films, where he said “a joke is said, which is clearly a joke and not intended to be remotely offensive to anybody.”

“And even that now needs a warning at the front in case anybody’s offended,” he added. “What do they thinks going to happen when you watch it. What happens to people? I mean do they sit there shaking?”

“The fact this generation needs a trigger warning and a klonopin to get through an episode of ‘Friends,'” Maher interjected.

Morgan called it just “pathetic.”

“We’ve become a world … where it is now a premium to be a victim,” the former morning host shared. “It is celebrated to be weak.”

“But my general point about it is this … there is a weird cultural phenomenon going on where it’s almost frowned upon to want to be a winner,” Morgan added later. “Where you express yourself … in some way if you want to dominate your sport and be a champion, winner and do what it takes to win.”

Maher argued that we still love “winners” as he brought up the Super Bowl and how the winner goes to Disneyland and the loser goes home.

But he agreed that Piers was right “it is a victim culture” and said “it is very pathetic.”

“Well it’s the end of the empire,” the host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” added.

Earlier in the same podcast, things got heated between Maher and Morgan after the podcast host slammed the “idea of royalty” as “offensive to him” and said that calling Queen Elizabeth II “Your Highness” was incredibly “illiberal,” as previously reported by The Daily Wire.

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