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Yale Student Group: Force Frats To Admit Women

By  Elliott Hamilton

Campus leftists at Yale University have a long history of bullying those who disagree with their narrative. Now, a student group wishes to use the Civil Rights Act against fraternities, claiming they are taking part of illegal sex discrimination.

According to Heat Street, a group named Engender expressed its intention to lobby the university’s administration to force fraternities to accept women according to Title IX. Engender co-director Will McGrew stated that because fraternities only accept men and those groups fall under the purview of the university, forcing fraternities to admit women would ensure that Yale University upholds Title IX.

Ironically, McGrew told the Yale Daily News that their views on fraternities do not apply to sororities:

Engender does not currently have an official position on whether sororities should be gender-integrated. McGrew said that whereas fraternities deliberately cultivate themselves as social spaces, sororities tend towards intimate associations and do not affect wider social trends at Yale in the same manner.

Despite its flagrant hypocrisy, Engender claims that its campaign to force women into fraternities will create a more gender-inclusive environment. However, the Department of Justice emphasized that Title IX does not apply to the Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts, fraternities, or sororities.

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