Would Your Government Ever Intentionally Harm You?


Today’s question is an important one. Do you believe your government would intentionally harm you?

The question is especially pertinent after recognizing that during COVID the government and Joe Biden were trying to force every single person to inject a new vaccine into their body. Remember when they locked down businesses and wouldn’t let you go to work unless you were vaccinated?

Well now it’s all magically over. How can they just say it’s suddenly over?

It’s almost almost like it was political, but of course if it was all political, then that begs the question: would our government intentionally harm us?

It can be hard to tell if you don’t understand the way the Left uses language. With the Left, it’s always a game of euphemisms. They can make something horrible sound pretty and something deadly sound flowery.

How can we make death sound flowery? Oh, I know, we’ll call abortion ‘pro-choice.’

What’s a good flowery term for chemically castrating children to make them trans? Let’s call it ‘gender affirming care.’ Lovely.

And don’t forget ‘social justice.’ Why do we feel like we’re skipping through a field of flowers when we say social justice? What they actually mean, though, is Black Lives Matter is outside and they’re going to burn down the building in the name of social justice.

When it comes to euthanasia, the flowery phrase they like to use is ‘dying with dignity.’ If you believe ‘dying with dignity’ is only about compassion for people with terminal illnesses, think again.

There’s one country where we’re going to hear this phrase a lot more: Canada.

Let me briefly unpack Canada’s history with euthanasia.

Canada used to have a law banning assisted suicide. But in 2015, they reversed that ban and began their slide down a slippery slope. Proponents of the reversal said they were only making assisted suicide available to people who suffer from a terminal illness or whose natural death was ‘reasonably foreseeable.’

Then in 2020, the Canadian parliament went further by enacting Bill C-7, a sweeping euthanasia law that repealed the previous requirements. You no longer had to be in a terminal condition and you no longer had to be facing a ‘reasonably foreseeable’ death. Now you simply had to be someone suffering from an illness or a disability which quote “cannot be relieved under conditions that you would consider acceptable.”

Their new euphemism for it is: Medical Assistance In Dying, or ‘MAID.’

It only took Canadians five years to remove all the barriers to euthanasia, making it widely available. Canadian law allows both the rich and the poor to kill themselves. Either way, now you can ‘die with dignity.’ So, if you’re poor and you can’t seem to achieve a life of dignity, wouldn’t you just rather die?

Now, of course, it is already being abused. Let me give you just one example.

A man with a neurodegenerative disease testified to the Canadian parliament that nurses and a medical ethicist — whatever that is — at a hospital, allegedly tried to coerce him into killing himself by threatening to bankrupt him with extra costs. They also apparently withheld water from him for 20 days. This happened inside of a hospital.

Canada’s state-sponsored media is working hard to make people think this is a good thing, the compassionate thing to do.

Not only that, but Canadian leaders figured out they could save money. Their parliament ran the numbers and discussed the fiscal advantages of Bill C-7. By allowing euthanasia to take place they estimated they could save the country $86.9 million per year.

Now, in case you think this would never happen in America, consider how close our neighbor to the north is. The same debate is also raging across Europe, and Switzerland has already made it legal. 

Lest we forget, two women from Arizona, Susan Ammouri Frazier and Lila Ammouri, perfectly healthy sisters, told their friends and colleagues they were just going on a trip to Europe. They ended up killing themselves through euthanasia in Switzerland. A team of medical professionals assisted the women in killing themselves because they just wanted to die.

So, back to the original question: Do you think your government would intentionally harm you?

We need to deeply consider the answer to that question, because it’s our children who have to grow up in this world we’re creating.

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