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Worst Tweet Of The Day: Moms Demand Action Founder Responds To Trump’s Offer To Help Little Charlie Gard

Gun control advocacy group Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts has officially earned the blue ribbon for Worst Tweet of the Day in her race-baiting, anti-Second Amendment, anti-law response to President Trump’s offer on Twitter to help the parents of 10-month-old Charlie Gard, whose life is currently hanging on the whim of U.K. officials and the Orwellian-named European Court on Human Rights.

“If we can help little #CharlieGard, as per our friends in the U.K. and the Pope, we would be delighted to do so,” Trump tweeted Monday.

In response to Trump’s compassionate offer of help for the 10-month-old and his distraught parents — whose wish to give him experimental but potentially life-saving treatment in the U.S. has been denied by U.K. health care officials despite the parents having raised $1.6 million to try to save the life of their dying child — Watts resorted to the standard identity politics of the Left, and threw in a reference to Kate’s Law and a jab at the group leading the charge to defend the Second Amendment for good measure.

“Anyone notice that the people Trump wants to help are white? From #CharlieGard to #KatesLaw to the leaders of the @NRA,” wrote Watts.

Twitchy called out Watts for the “despicable” tweet:

So Watts responded by posting evidence that Trump’s a big fat “racist.”

“Spoiler alert – Donald Trump had a history of racist behavior,” tweeted Watts, adding a link to an article by Huffington Post on “13 Examples of Donald Trump Being Racist.”

But others on Twitter weren’t buying Watts’ race-baiting response to an offer of help for a dying child. A few quotes from various tweets:

“Oh look, another person who says people only by their skin color. I wonder what that’s called. Could it be, RACISM?”

“No, only you. You need to stop projecting your own prejudices on to other people.”

“I’ve noticed you’re a true Obama disciple….divisive, racist, lying puppet. By the way, your fake virtue signaling is really see-through.”

“What the hell is wrong with you? This is a baby.”

“As if liberals care about babies — 60+ million dead babies since the late 70s thanks to abortion.”

If you haven’t been following the tragic story of Charlie Gard, read this.

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