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Worst Liar In Senate Tells Democrats To Police ‘Fake’ News

By  Ben Shapiro

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) is one of the worst liars ever to grace the national stage. He accused 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney of cheating on his taxes without any evidence – then celebrated his lie, since it helped prevent Romney from becoming president. He called George W. Bush a “liar” who “betrayed the country.” He said paying taxes was “voluntary,” attacked the Koch brothers as “un-American” and admitted that he’d rather let a child with cancer suffer rather than funding the government piecemeal. His Senate tenure was marked by conflict and cramdowns, from the Obamacare fiasco to the destruction of the filibuster – both of which will now backfire on Democrats.

Yet there was Reid, receiving accolades yesterday for his supposedly grand tenure in the Senate. And there he was in the pages of The New York Times, lecturing Americans about – of all things! – the supposed scourge of “fake news.” The New York Times tweeted, “Much of the responsibility for separating what’s real and what’s fake will fake on Democrats, writes Harry Reid.”

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