World Economic Forum: Hypocrisy Is Thy Name 


As you probably know, your so-called moral betters are meeting in Davos, Switzerland, right now for the annual World Economic Forum. Amongst the issues they love to preen about are “gender inequality” and abuse against women in the workplace due to things like the mythical gender pay gap.

Hearing that, you might suspect this group of globalists would be doing something about the horrors of prostitution, sex trafficking, and more.


It seems  many of the participants of WEF — these global elites who profess to care for their fellow men and women — are clients of such “sex workers,” as the Left loves to call them.

A recent report revealed that each year more than 100 high-end prostitutes travel to the Swiss ski resort town for the annual conference.

Per The New York Post, “One prostitute who goes by the name ‘Liana’ told the German newspaper Bild that she frequently provides services to an American attendee at Davos who pays $750 per hour — or $2,500 to spend the whole night.”

“She added that she dresses in business attire in order to blend in with the crowd at the World Economic Forum gathering,” the paper noted.

She claimed she couldn’t mention who her client is, but stated he is an American who is one of the 2,700 regular attendees of the conference.

“Liana” isn’t alone. One investigation found that at least 100 prostitutes in recent years traveled to Davos to meet the demands of the WEF attendees.

So, in a sleepy town in Switzerland, a bunch of executives fly into town each year on private jets so they can preach to you about the “morality” we need to invoke in society.

Mind you, these are the same folks who tell you that you need to give up fossil fuels as you nearly freeze to death in order to fight climate change. They can scurry around on private jets, but you need to sacrifice.

Similarly, they claim we need laws to protect women — yet, they have no concern about coughing up thousands to fly in prostitutes for the week in Davos.

Now, it should be noted there are people fighting to pass laws to decriminalize sex work. There is some logic to that, by the way. Many women and men, forced into prostitution are victims and are not involved willingly.

I’ve explored that on my show, such as the time I interviewed Tim Ballard, who works with Operation Underground Railroad. That group regularly saves victims who were forced to do pornography.

So, the argument is that if you’re penalizing sex work, then sometimes you’re criminalizing a person that’s just been victimized and now is being revictimized by the court systems. It’s an interesting debate.

For now, though, I think we can all agree it’s more than a little hypocritical for these high-powered bosses at Davos to book escorts into their hotel rooms while they claim to care about women.

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