Won’t Somebody Tell The Busybodies At The World Economic Forum To Kick Rocks?

DAVOS, SWITZERLAND - JANUARY 17: US House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Gregory Meeks (R) and Prime Minister of Finland Sanna Marin (C) attend the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland on January 17, 2023.
(Photo by Dursun Aydemir/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

The world’s largest gathering of busybodies  — AKA the World Economic Forum — is happening right now in Davos, Switzerland, leaving many to wonder who will step up and tell these know-it-alls to kick rocks.

This year’s invite-only guest list includes leftists such as ex-CNN host Brian Stelter, Special Climate Envoy John Kerry, Al Gore, propagandists for the Chinese Communist Party, and every Western leader intent on keeping the war in Ukraine going as long as possible.

The general principle of each panel assembled remains the same: The common man is a dumbo and credentialed experts should dictate how the entire world operates.

So, in turn, they navel-gaze about the kind of car you should own — if you are to have any vehicle at all — whether you should eat bugs, and why you need to live in a pod while pondering how they can best censor “misinformation” for your own good.

They rarely admit their faults or past failed predictions, but when they do, they blame it on the data and promise to get it right next time.

Who exactly are these people? Well, they’re not so different from the men and women in your daily life who offer advice unsolicited or are all too eager to enforce the rules. You’ve known these hall monitor types since middle school. You probably avoid following them on social media now because they are so darn annoying and self-righteous.

Except, unlike the people you know, this Davos group is hoisted up as elite leaders and connected to billions upon billions of dollars. So, there is a little more to be concerned with, to be fair.

Regardless, the WEF crowd is a bunch of totalitarian freaks of every political stripe who enjoy the company of other totalitarian freaks because it makes them feel special. America’s climate czar Kerry practically admitted as much on Tuesday while praising a “select group of people” for supposedly saving the world.

Of course, if their plans were ever put in place across the globe, we’d see disastrous results. A top-down society that doesn’t tolerate liberty or freedom in the name of the “greater good” always fails — whether it be communism, socialism, or fascism.

Considering that we’ve been hearing about their plan for world domination for decades now, it has to be questioned how effective this group is.

One conservative leader raising that point is Chris Rufo, the man who woke up the American Right to the true threat and nature of Critical Race Theory.

“Unpopular opinion: the obsession with Klaus Schwab, Davos, and the WEF is misguided, as they have little real power over life in America,” he tweeted.”It’s also enervating, as it shifts the locus of control to far-away figures, while constructive action can be taken at home. Stay focused.”

While some might say that the WEF pushed for the catastrophic lockdowns during COVID, Rufo argued that nobody forced the U.S. to go along with this.

“Ultimately, Trump endorsed mass lockdowns and most governors went along with him, with DeSantis providing a notable exception,” he explained. “We didn’t have to follow the China playbook. The fault is our own.”

The extent to which Trump “endorsed mass lockdowns” can and should be debated, but Rufo’s general line of thinking is correct: We just needed more elected officials to dismiss WEF’s suggestions on pandemic measures entirely, and we could have avoided misery.

The WEF isn’t really the main source of collectivist plans for global unity, it just serves as a convenient meeting place to gather thoughts. It’s one giant party, replete with champagne, flashy clothes, and ladies of the night.

More than 1,000 private jets fly in each year for the event, so you have to wonder how seriously they actually take their own concerns about things like climate change.  It seems most of these people like to “see and be seen” at this event.

So, one way to view these people is to worry that they’re going to control your life. To be clear, these sorts of folks wouldn’t hesitate at a moment’s notice to impose government dominance over every aspect of your life if given “emergency powers to do so.” We saw that during COVID.

Another way to look at this situation though is to view the attendees of WEF as garden variety-type busybodies, as mentioned in the title and opening lede.

These folks aren’t so different than that lady on the parish council who demands “Go Make A Difference” gets played each mass instead of a Gregorian chant. You probably have had a nosy neighbor at some point in your life who asks intrusive questions. Perhaps you know a mom at school who is a little judgmental of how you raise your children — as if hers are perfect.

As Elon Musk put it in response to Rufo, “We shouldn’t be obsessed with WEF/Davos, but they take themselves sooo seriously that making fun of them is awesome.”

In other words, we just need to tell them to pound sand. That’s easy to do in your personal life, but American citizens need elected leaders who put America first — not follow the Davos crowd — for that to happen on the world stage.

The views expressed in this piece are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Wire.

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