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Woman Who Ate Fish Tank Cleaner, Blamed Trump, Donated Thousands To Democrat Causes
Vladimir Krivoshiev/EyeEm/Getty Images

The Arizona woman who ingested fish tank cleaner along with her husband believing it would combat COVID-19, causing his death and her severe illness, then blamed President Trump, saying, “We saw Trump on TV—every channel—and all of his buddies and that this was safe.  Trump kept saying it was basically pretty much a cure,” has donated thousands of dollars to Democratic groups and candidates over the last two years.

As The Washington Free Beacon, which deciphered the woman and her husband’s identities  through descriptions in local news reports as Wanda, 61, and Gary, 68, reported:

The woman’s most recent donations, in late February, were to a Democratic PAC, the 314 Action Fund, that bills itself as the “pro-science resistance” and has vocally criticized the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and held up her case to slam the White House … Federal Election Commission records show that Wanda has donated thousands of dollars to Democratic electoral groups and candidates over the past two years, including Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and EMILY’s List, a group that aims to elect pro-choice female candidates … Her contributions to Democrats rose sharply over the past few years. Her first recorded political donation was $150 to Hillary Clinton in 2016, according to FEC records. The next year she gave $550 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Since 2018, she has contributed approximately $6,000 to Democratic electoral groups.

The 314 Action Fund has written, “There are real consequences to the White House throwing its approval behind an experimental drug trial before it’s time.”

Wanda told the Free Beacon: “We weren’t big supporters of [Trump], but we did see that they were using it in China and stuff. And we just made a horrible, tragic mistake. It was stupid, and it was horrible, and we should have never done it. But it’s done and now I’ve lost my husband. And my whole life was my husband … We didn’t think it would kill us. We thought if anything it would help us ‘cuz that’s what we’ve been hearing on the news.”

When reporting on what happened to the couple, The New York Times linked the tragedy to President Trump, writing:

An Arizona man died and his wife was hospitalized after officials said they treated themselves on Sunday with a deadly home remedy for the new coronavirus — a popular fish tank additive that has the same active ingredient as an anti-malaria drug.  The drug, known as chloroquine phosphate or chloroquine, has been bandied about by President Trump during White House briefings on the coronavirus pandemic as a potential “game changer” in the treatment of Covid-19.

CNN reported:

NBC News spoke to the wife, who said they learned of chloroquine’s connection to coronavirus during a President Donald Trump news conference, which “was on a lot actually.” They took it because they “were afraid of getting sick,” she said. … Trump has touted chloroquine as a possible treatment for Covid-19. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treating malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, but the FDA has not approved it to treat the coronavirus.