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REPORT: Woman Has Boyfriend Punch Stomach Repeatedly To Kill Unborn Baby, County Weighing Murder Charge

A county attorney general in California is unsure if murder charges will be pursued in a case where a 30-week-old unborn baby girl was allegedly brutally murdered in the womb after the mother agreed to have her boyfriend, the father of the baby, punch her repeatedly in the stomach until she died.

But the duo in question will likely not be charged for the murder, as the mother “consented” to it.

Kern County officers say that the unnamed pregnant woman had her boyfriend press and punch her stomach “at least 10 times” until they “stopped feeling the baby move.” The mother delivered the baby girl, whose skull was fractured, at Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield. According to KBFX Eyewitness News reporting, it was determined that those “traumatic injuries … that led to the child’s death,” says a search warrant affidavit.

After the medical team became skeptical of the mother’s story — she said she fell while mopping to explain the “severe bruising” on her stomach — she eventually confessed to the plot with her boyfriend.

In other words, the two conspired together, and executed a plot to kill a seven-and-a-half-month-old baby inside the womb.

In a morally just world, these two would be charged.

But they likely won’t be, for the mother consented to the murder of her child, thus linking it to legalized abortion reality (and “choice” talking points), and somehow making it an acceptable act that would bypass such charges.

Deputy District Attorney Gina Pearl told Eyewitness News that the “case is complicated” and is still being “investigated.”

“We’re actively reviewing it,” said Pearl. “It’s a unique case. We’re still investigating. There’s a lot of different angles.”

As reported by Fox News, “Under the state’s penal code, if the actions that led to the death of a fetus was consented by the mother, it would not be considered a crime.”

The local news station asked abortion advocate Jennifer Bloomquist, a founder of Pro Choice Kern County, about the case.

“Of course, we don’t want anyone to suffer violence,” said Bloomquist, adding, “We can prevent future cases by offering greater access and even funding for abortions. Safe and legal abortions, not induced miscarriages.”

In other words, let’s just confine the brutal, “consented” to killing of the unborn to cold sterile rooms with white-gloved abortionists, this way to not upset the masses over the genocide being committed.

Marylee Shrider, executive director of Right to Life Kern County, blasted any talk of a “gray area” in the case.

“Right to Life was quick to point out what they describe as inconsistencies in the law. When a pregnant mother is killed in a murder or a drunken driving crash, the government charges defendants with double murder, ascribing personhood to the fetus,” notes the local news station.

“So the only difference in this case is the mother didn’t want the baby,” said Shrider. “The baby is a human being, or she’s not. The fact that she’s wanted or not wanted is not relevant. It doesn’t make her less human.”

“On moral grounds, grounds of decency, no, there’s no gray areas here,” she added.

If the DA does press for murder charges, Bloomquist said she would “trust their judgment,” poking holes in her own pro-abortion ideology. “We don’t have all the facts. And there’s no way that I personally can make a call on this case.”