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Woman Declares Herself Pro-Life After Watching The ‘Gosnell’ Movie

By  Paul Bois

The theaters may be dropping “Gosnell” but that doesn’t mean the movie is not fulfilling its mission of teaching people the horrors of abortion. Now, a college student who once considered herself pro-choice claims to have been changed by the film.

University of Central Florida student Kathy Zhu garnered herself a big social media following in 2016 when she publicly announced herself a Trump supporter after researching his positions on national security. She initially supported Hillary Clinton’s bid for president but switched sides after questioning her liberal leanings.

This past Sunday, Zhu announced that her more liberal leanings on abortion had changed after watching the “Gosnell” movie and promoted it to her 50,000 Twitter followers.

“Yesterday, I was pro-choice. I believed that women should have a say & the gov shouldn’t be interfering w/ our lives,” she wrote. “Today, I’m pro-life. After watching #Gosnell & doing in-depth research, I finally understand the horrors of loopholes in late term abortions. Pls go watch Gosnell.”

Many followers of Zhu said they were inspired by her admission and showed support.

“Glad you changed your opinion,” said one Twitter user. “The horrors of abortion don’t just end with the death of a baby. Many women suffer deep emotional wounds from choosing to kill their child. Thankfully, there is forgiveness from a holy and loving God.”

“God bless you. I hope everyone has the same life-changing reaction as you did,” said another user.

One user also announced that they too had been changed by the Gosnell story regarding abortion. “I was pro-choice but when I first heard about the Gosnell trial and grand jury report in 2011-12 I completely became pro-life,” they said.

On its second weekend of theatrical release, “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” continued to enjoy solid per-theater performance despite reports of it being suspiciously dropped from high-performing theaters after opening weekend.

According to Box Office Mojo, “Gosnell” took in $841,746 during its second week, capping out at $2,004,734 from just 480 theaters. With a production budget of $2.4 million, thanks to a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign, “Gosnell” has managed to earn back about half of its budget, not factoring in marketing costs.

Speaking with LifeZette over the weekend, actor Dean Cain, who also stars in the film, said the apparent blackballing of the film was a “sign of the times.”

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