Woman Allegedly Shot Husband In His Sleep And Left Fake Suicide Note In Order To Evade Capture, Daughter Says
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A Missouri woman suspected of killing her husband allegedly shot him while he slept and penned a suicide note after she was released on bond to escape from authorities, her daughter has said.

Dawn Renee Wynn, 49, is accused of shooting her husband, 51-year-old Harold Lee Wynn, in the back of his head on November 16, 2021, while he was asleep. Dawn was arrested, but posted bail and was supposed to be staying at her mother’s home in Pea Ridge, Arkansas, KOAM reported. She has been charged with the murder of Harold. Police told the outlet that Dawn disappeared from the home, leaving behind the note that her daughter, Savannah, described as a “suicide note.”

Savannah told Law & Crime, however, that she believed the note was just a diversion to escape being held responsible for Harold’s death, saying her mother was a “coward” and “too selfish” to commit suicide. Savannah also told the outlet that Dawn was a danger to others.

“She’s not someone that you need to trust,” Savannah told the outlet. “She’s not just a missing person.”

Savannah said that her mother was verbally and psychologically abusive to her and her four brothers, saying Dawn “took over everything” and attempted to turn her children against their father. Savannah called the marriage a “disaster” and said Dawn and Harold were heading for a divorce.

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) in Arkansas described Dawn as a missing person and said “she is believed to be headed to NE Oklahoma but has ties in SW Missouri.”

“Dawn has no pending charges in Benton County. She is believed to be of danger to herself,” the sheriff’s office added.

Though the BCSO suggested Dawn was heading for Oklahoma or Missouri, Harold’s ex-wife, Melanie Thomas, suggested Dawn might be going to South Carolina, where she and Harold had a plumbing business. Savannah also suggested Dawn could go to Florida, since the couple was planning to move there after Harold received a job offer. Harold decided not to take the job, but Savannah said her mother had discussed the relocation during the murder case, suggesting she would move to Florida and live off the grid.

Savannah also told Law & Crime that she has been helping investigators with the case.

“Some days are harder than others,” she told the outlet. “She took our dad from us.”

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