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WOKE: This UPenn Teacher Won’t Call On White Males

Innately privileged white males at the University of Pennsylvania will be called on last — if at all — by their Woke “queer disabled feminist” teacher.

UPenn teaching assistant and Ph.D. student Stephanie McKellop explained how she seeks “social justice” in her classroom, namely by calling on those at the top of the victimhood hierarchy first and working her way down to those evil white men.

“I will always call on my Black women students first. Other [people of color] get second tier priority. And, if I have to, white men,” she wrote on Twitter.

McKellop has since set her account to a private setting, but as reported by The Daily Caller, the TA explained that she learned to advance such supposed social justice from a past teacher she had:

McKellop said that an “amazing” professor taught her that policy during her undergraduate career.

“In normal life, who has the easiest time speaking, most opportunities? Flip it,” she said in another tweet.

“The classroom is the place YOU get to control social setting,” the TA continued. “Prioritize and encourage voices who are talked over most often.”

Predictably, this blatant exercise in race and sex-based discrimination is being defended by fellow progressives who reject individualism.

Insider Higher Ed, for example, praised the technique dubbed “progressive tracking” as a way of “dealing with discrimination.”

“If I have a class of 40 students, since Hunter is predominantly young women, I may have four or five young men in class,” said Hunter College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York professor Jessie Daniels. “There’s still implicit bias, where we value men’s voices more than women’s voices, or men’s voices are deeper and carry more in a class. So I’m always trying to overcome my own bias to pick on men in class more than the women. … This is a way of dealing with discrimination that we as professors can introduce into the classroom. It’s a good strategy, if you can do it.”

According to McKellop, Daniels’ and their social justice colleagues’ deliberate, systematized racial discrimination is “progress.”

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