Winston Marshall And The Price We Pay In The Trauma Economy


The trauma economy is all around you today.

I was thinking about it because I recently had a conversation with Winston Marshall on his podcast.

Winston is a former band member of Mumford and Sons, who was forced to step away from the band because some people on Twitter pretended to be ‘traumatized’ by a tweet he posted about reading a book.

Winston had read a book by author Andy Ngo called “Unmasked” about Antifa and he simply tweeted, ‘Great book. You’re very brave.’ And suddenly the Left were ‘traumatized.’

They called him all sorts of horrible things, which of course were not true. Winston was introduced to the new trauma economy.

And the great irony is that we always use these extreme things, especially on social media, to justify our erratic behavior.

We ignore things that actually do mimic those instances.

What do I mean? As I’ve mentioned before, we are all existing under a modernized plantation.

I’m talking about the growth of ‘The State.’ We are inching closer and closer to living under the power of ‘The State,’ because of the rise of Marxist ideologies — which will produce a slave-like economy.

If we don’t wake up to it, we’re not going to have the freedom to be able to change it.

When you think about institutional slavery that existed in America, you have to think about the essential components of slavery.

First and foremost, it was crucial for plantation owners to have the right to sever families. In fact, in Booker T. Washington’s book  “Up From Slavery,” he talks about how he felt nothing when his sisters were sold. It meant nothing to him to see his family members go. That was plantation life. He also says didn’t feel anything when his mother died. Wow.

Imagine what power that gave the masters, right? You don’t even have a family. Where you work, that’s where your family is and that’s all that matters. 

Think about what they did during the COVID pandemic. Let your family members die alone. It’s the right thing to do. Don’t worry about anything else, ‘The State’ will keep you alive for another day. That’s really dark and really dystopian. Talk about the breakdown of family.

Second, and most importantly, masters also ensured that slaves were ignorant. Slaves were not allowed to read books. It was a way to make sure the remained stupid.

Now look at the irony of what happened to Winston Marshall of Mumford and Sons, why was he attacked? Because he read a book — a book that made him aware of how dangerous things were becoming in the States with the far left organization Antifa.

Which leads me to the other great irony. We are facing a reading comprehension crisis in America that nobody is talking about. Our children are not learning to read.

There are entire school systems, like in Baltimore, where they can’t find a single child across five schools who is proficient in reading and writing.

Talk about something that’s literally just like slavery.

When a person is ignorant, they are emotional, not rational. They react to whatever their masters want them to react to. You don’t want the slaves reading about an abolitionist movement up north in the newspaper. You want slaves to believe that this is all that there is, right? 

This is what’s happening right now in our country. We’ve become a society that hands out more degrees than we have ever handed out. And yet we are producing students who have never been dumber. That’s reality.

ACT and SAT scores are plummeting and yet young people have never been more sure of themselves.

They know everything about sustaining ‘The State’ which wants to enslave their minds. They are empty vessels, waiting for propaganda to fill them.

‘The State’s’ power will not help their individual power grow. Of course not. No, that’s not how it works.

Remember, slaves were whipped in front of one another to teach them a lesson. If they ever thought freedom might exist and tried to escape, when they were caught they had to suffer tremendous consequences.

In case you think we’ve moved beyond those days, just look at the high price people in Hollywood pay for speaking out. 

Like Winston Marshall, when he simply read a book.

They chased him out. It is essentially like watching a public lashing. The mob applied pressure on companies to have him fired, to get rid of him, and not allow him to play his banjo with Mumford and Sons.

He read a book they disagreed with. There was a corporate consequence for speaking out against the establishment. 

And typically they will smear you too, and they will libel you, and tell you how horrible you’ve been your entire life, and even though you’ve never been a racist or white supremacist — they accuse you of just that — and then they convince an army of people that you’re a horrible and rotten person.

Basically, you are being told you must choose between committing to a lie or telling the truth.

They want to drive this horrible wedge between you and your livelihood. It’s unacceptable, but it’s the price many of us pay. 

I pay it every single day when I speak out on various issues and I don’t take the mainstream perspective — because what is the mainstream? The mainstream is all about the growth of ‘The State.’ 

I was told something a couple of years ago that still rings true today.

There’s one thing that connects every slave who has ever existed throughout the entire world, from any period in history: There were always more slaves than there were masters.

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