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WINNING: Trump Has ‘Broken’ The Spirit of ‘Avengers’ Director Joss Whedon

If there is a promise President Trump is most likely to keep, it is the one made about exhausting us from all the winning. Betsy DeVos confirmed. Jeff Sessions confirmed. Despite the national media’s venom and assassination dogwhistles, Trump is more trusted than the media (by double-digit margins), and his policies so far are beloved by voters. If that’s not enough, Trump has “broken” Joss Whedon, the misogynist director behind the “Avengers” franchise:

Apparently, Whedon was finally broken by the confirmation of DeVos as Education Secretary.

Whedon’s chauvinist hatred of women who don’t think they way he believes they should think, is well-documented, and DeVos is the kind of strong, independent woman who likely gets his blood boiling. DeVos is also promising to do everything in her power to unshackle poor, predominantly minority children from the horror show of urban, union-run public schools.

Few things terrorize the Left more than losing their near-monopoly on the black vote. Keeping as many black Americans as possible poor and in despair is key to holding on to that voting bloc, which is why the idea of giving inner-city children a Golden Ticket (a voucher) out of failing schools and into the private ones the elite Left send their own children to terrifies them so.

The other issue breaking the spirit of poor ole’ Joss Whedon, is that DeVos was probably the best shot Democrats had at nailing a scalp to the wall. Everything the Left had was poured down on DeVos … and she still won.

Welcome to the vicious circle, y’all.

Democrats lose power and react to that loss by behaving in ways that turn off crucial voters. As a result, Democrats lose even more power and react with even worse behavior.

The Left is lost, scared, powerless, and in a blind panic.

And now, through all the bluster and rage and pomposity, one has finally admitted the truth … that he is broken.

I suspect many spirits are broken out there. Turn on cable news. Look into the eyes of CNN and MSNBC anchors. Turn down the sound of the false bravado, and look into their eyes. Along with their credibility and power, the light is slowly going out. They are dying inside.

And that is just how I like my Democrats and MSM … broken in spirit, despairing, shattered, lost and scared.

Democrats and their media are the ones who invented scorched earth, not Trump.

But unlike all the GOP lily-livers of the past, Trump is willing to scorch the earth right along with them, and he is better at it.

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