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Willie Nelson Gets Political In Texas, So Texas Fans Tell Him ‘Goodbye’

By  James Barrett

Willie Nelson has gotten involved in the increasingly tight senatorial race between Republican incumbent Ted Cruz and Democrat Beto O’Rourke in the great state of Texas — and some of his fans are letting him know how they feel about it.

On Wednesday, the 85-year-old musician announced that he had agreed to headline an upcoming rally for the Democratic senatorial hopeful.

Fans have since been sharing their opinions of the move on his Facebook page. As Houston’s ABC 13 reports, his decision to back Beto has been unsurprisingly polarizing: “While some people told Willie he needs to stay out of politics, others threw insults at the music legend. Still, some others applauded Willie’s contribution to the 2018 campaign.”

A few examples of Facebook posts from very disappointed fans, who had a consistent message: “Goodbye, Willie”:

–Goodbye Willie, I don’t support socialist commies! You’re not going to advertise on my FB page either. Like we say in Texas, Now Git!

–I agree, really thought Willie had more sense than this. Of course Beto want to legalize Marijuana! Lol

–Good bye Willie…you are not on the right side.. take a look around you and do the right thing…I always thought you were a patriot…wow what a let down. You would pick a socialist agenda and an Anti American fellow like BETO, shame on you.

–That’s it , I’m done . What a disappointment.

–Willie you just lost over half of your fans by getting involved in politics!! Fan no more!! I cannot believe you support open borders and gun control!! You have smoked too much dope! I guess that is what you and Beta have in common!

–I knew you were a liberal in your personal beliefs. That was obvious, but to each their own. But you had to take it to the public. Just when I thought you were smarter than that…I find you are not…Such a shame to get on the showboat. You just lost some of your I am above it all.

Others were thrilled to hear the iconic singer was backing Beto:

–I have always known you you were a good, patriotic, inclusive man, Mr. Nelson and this just proves it further. I am now increasing my weekly donation to Congressman (and soon-to-be Senator) O’Rourke to $4.20, in your honor, sir. Don’t mess with Texas, don’t mess with Willie, and Viva Beto!

Others pointed out that it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Willie leans left:

–I think it’s hilarious that this comes as a surprise to some of you spurned “fans.”

–On what planet does anyone think Willie would have conservative leanings? How delusional can people be?

And still others suggested the backlash was a bit much:

–Amazing how one is suddenly considered ” anti-American” because they have a different viewpoint. He has made tremendous contributions during his 80 some odd kindhearted, generous , talented years. Can’t believe the unkind comments…but you ,too, have every right to your opinion.. Just too bad we can’t be more respectful . He’s such a good soul. God bless us all.

The rally for Beto will be held on Sept. 29 at Austin’s Auditorium Shores. “Nelson is scheduled to perform alongside Joe Ely, Carrie Rodriguez, Tameca Jones and Nelson’s sons, Lukas and Micah Nelson,” ABC 13 reports.

Below is the station’s coverage of the response to Nelson’s participation in the O’Rourke rally:

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