Why Can’t Donald Trump Stay On Target?


While the rest of the world marveled at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton getting away with storing classified information on a private email server, making it vulnerable to foreign hack, and then lying about it repeatedly, Donald Trump had other priorities: Jewish stars, Don King, and Saddam Hussein.

You don’t have to be a fan of Donald Trump’s to cringe when he blows a golden opportunity to destroy Hillary Clinton over her perverse, self-interested, disgusting corruption. This could have been the worst week for Hillary Clinton since she lost the 2008 nomination to the upstart Obama. And on a basic level, Trump got this. Here’s what he tweeted yesterday morning:

But the man has the discipline of a rabid baboon in heat. So instead, the media – who were just itching for an excuse to stop talking about Hillary – got a reprieve from Trump.

On Wednesday night, Trump mentioned his infamous Jewish star/Hillary tweet some 28 times, said that he should have left it up, and then tweeted this:

Put aside the absurdity of this tweet – Trump didn’t get his Hillary meme from the Disney store, he got it from the anti-Semitic internet alt-right. Instead, focus on the fact that the scandal was already dying down. For The First Time In Forever, Trump could have gotten on message. He could have Let It Go. Instead, he showed himself to be a real Fixer Upper.

Then he moved on to another topic of importance: whether convicted murderer Don King would speak at the Republican nation convention. “You know who I just spoke to?” Trump trumpeted. “Big Don King, big Don King. Big Don, greatest boxing promoter of all time. I said, ‘Don, I’d love you to speak at the convention, because you know what? You’ve beat the system.’ And he’s a friend of mine.” This would presumably create a conflict between King and Trump’s other good friend Mike Tyson, who sued King for $100 million over alleged fraud. King, by the way, thinks Trump should add Bernie Sanders to his ticket.

Finally, Trump completed the trifecta of stupidity by quadrupling down on his defense of Saddam Hussein “killing terrorists.”

All of which allowed The New York Times to run with this lead:

Donald J. Trump on Wednesday offered a defiant defense of his campaign’s decision to publish an image widely viewed as anti-Semitic — saying he regretted deleting it — and vigorously reaffirmed his praise of Saddam Hussein, the murderous Iraqi dictator.

Remember: Hillary was nearly indicted two days ago, and the FBI director is being grilled over his decision not to indict today.

Any other candidate would be stomping Hillary right now. But because Trump’s narcissism matters more than anything else to him, he’s too busy providing squirrels for the media to gleefully chase.

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