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Why The ‘New American Antifa’ Was The Inevitable Result Of Liberal Outrage

By  Frank Camp

College campuses are ground zero for the outrageous behavior of social justice warriors which has ranged from mass-chanting protests to rioting and violence. Over the last several years, Americans have quietly observed the increasingly disturbing and escalating antics of progressive university students.

The throngs of masked rioters who have violently shut down events by conservative and alt-right speakers over the last year — via threats or actions — ironically refer to themselves as “anti-fascists,” or Antifa for short. Antifa has been around in various forms across the globe for some time. This article speaks specifically about the masked thugs rioting and inciting violence on college campuses, e.g. Berkeley.

The formation of the new American Antifa isn’t sudden; it evolved, in part, from a single student screaming at a Yale professor in late 2015.

Just prior to Halloween 2015, the Intercultural Affairs Council at Yale University sent an email to students which offered advice regarding potentially offensive costumes. The Associate Master of Silliman College, Erika Christakis, publicly responded to the email. In her response, after a long and very politically correct preamble, she simply asked:

Is there no room anymore for a child or young person to be a little bit obnoxious … a little bit inappropriate or provocative or, yes, offensive? American universities were once a safe space not only for maturation but also for a certain regressive, or even transgressive, experience; increasingly, it seems, they have become places of censure and prohibition.

This simple message set into motion a shocking chain of events that would eventually lead to the resignation of Christakis, as well as her husband, Nicholas, who was the Master at Silliman College.

A pivotal moment in the eventual formation of groups like the new American Antifa occurred when a mob of students surrounded Nicholas Christakis in the middle of campus and in broad daylight. Several students castigated Christakis, but one in particular helped move the current Antifa culture forward. This student didn’t care what Christakis had to say, she simply wanted to scream in front of an audience:

“As your position as Master, it is your job to create a place of comfort and home for the students that live in Silliman. You have not done that. By sending out that email, that goes against your position as Master. Do you understand that?”

Christakis responded meekly: “No, I don’t agree with that.”

This caused the student to scream: “Then why the f*** did you did you accept the position?! Who the f*** hired you?!”

As Christakis attempted to calmly explain himself, the female student let loose, repeatedly interrupting him: “It is not about creating an intellectual space! It is not! You understand that?! It’s about creating a home here! … You should not sleep at night! You are disgusting.”

The student received approval from many around her, with other students poetry-snapping and shouting encouragement.

It must be seen to be believed:

Public outrage is similar to a drug, and human beings build a tolerance to the euphoric or calming effects of most drugs after repeated usage. Individuals like the screaming student at Yale surely feel a sense of euphoria when publicly displaying their “righteous” outrage.

Over time, however, simple anger isn’t enough. Singular displays of outrage evolve into mass displays of outrage. This was the case when Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro gave a speech at Pennsylvania State University.

The Daily Wire‘s Joshua Yasmeh previously reported:

As the president of Penn State Republicans began to introduce Shapiro, shouting began reverberating throughout the lecture hall. Throngs of social justice warriors decided to assemble outside raising their voices in protest. …

Amidst the intermittent eruptions outside, Shapiro proceeded to calmly explain the themes of his speech. A few words in, the mob shouted in unison: “Let us in!” The students inside appeared visibly rattled. With the increasingly forceful and disruptive demands of the mob outside, it was easy to forget you were on an American college campus. Again, the mob issued their demand: “Let us in!” Defiantly, Shapiro replied: “No!”

Footage from that event can be seen here.

When this behavior no longer scratches the itch for self-righteous euphoria, non-physically aggressive displays transform into physically aggressive ones. This was the case when Shapiro gave a speech at California State University, Los Angeles.

Once again, Joshua Yasmeh reported:

As Shapiro spoke to a relatively calm audience inside, protests erupted outside the event room. Protesters assaulted, harassed, intimidated, shouted down, and berated event-goers, according to Daily Wire reporters on the scene. One attendee claimed that he got “punched in the ear” by a protestor. Another man, who is disabled, was pushed and kicked multiple times.

Footage from that event can be seen here.

And as physically aggressive displays evolve, they naturally become even more truculent. This hostility was seen at Middlebury College in Vermont when author Charles Murray was set to give a speech. After multiple disruptions, the speech was moved to a private location where Professor Allison Stanger live-streamed a Q&A with Murray.

As Murray and Stanger attempted to leave, protesters surrounded them and pounded on their vehicle. The Daily Wire quoted Bill Burger, vice president for communications and marketing at Middlebury, who said:

“During this confrontation outside McCullough, one of the demonstrators pulled Prof. Stanger’s hair and twisted her neck. … She was attended to at Porter Hospital later and (on Friday) is wearing a neck brace.”

As demonstrations become more hostile and the law gets involved, activists are forced to don covers to mask their identity so as not to get arrested. Make no mistake, however, the new American Antifa — the masked and violent activists shutting down speeches by Ann Coulter and others — are merely an advanced evolution of the screaming student at Yale.

Antifa activists surely get a rush from behaving violently and fascistically. The only reason they wear masks is for their own legal protection. If nothing is done to push back against this thuggery, it will only continue to progress until someone is seriously injured or killed.

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