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Who Will Rebuild Texas And Florida? HINT: It’s Not Elites And Academics

By  Tyler Dahnke

In the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Texas and Florida residents face an enormous task in restoring electricity and rebuilding their homes, businesses and lives. The federal government and the Trump administration have thus far done an incredible job coordinating rescue and relief efforts with local officials (evidenced by the deafening silence regarding Trump’s performance from the mainstream media). But throwing government money at a problem never truly resolves a crisis. It was, and is, the efforts of everyday Americans, seeking only to restore their communities, that provide the healing these regions need.

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the private sector made its presence known in Texas. Louisiana’s Cajun Navy volunteers, who assembled themselves without instruction, hooked their boats up to their pick-up trucks and drove to Houston to aid rescue efforts. They pulled Americans of all colors, ethnicities and religions from the water, rescued many who were stranded without food and water, and saved lives. Private citizens, like J.J. Watt, organized relief funds for the citizens of Texas. Watt’s campaign has raised more than $30 Million so far, and efforts are still underway.

Private sector businesses leapt into action. Anheuser-Busch shipped more than 155,000 cans of water to Houston. According to the American Enterprise Institute, Walmart is driving “nearly 800 truckloads of supplies to the region.” Houston furniture store, Gallery Furniture, opened two locations as shelters and provided meals for all those who took refuge there, including a National Guard unit.

Now in Florida, after millions of homes lost power during the onslaught of Irma, Electric Light & Power is reporting that “Florida Power & Light said its workforce of nearly 19,500 worked through the night to restore power. About one-fourth of the 4.4 million customers impacted by Hurricane Irma had regained power, according to FPL.”

The same article notes that other power companies are sending help: “DelMarva Power is sending 120 employees to help with restoration, while Entergy, which just dealt with Harvey in Texas, is sending 650 of its personnel from Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas.”

And, according to USA Today, about 80% of recovery efforts are from non-profits with a majority being faith-based; Obama’s bitter clingers.

So while Politico publishes childish cartoons which slander southern conservatives as rednecks and hicks, those same deplorables will be out helping their fellow man, and working to restore their community. I didn’t see many white nationalists and KKK supporters wading through chest-deep water to save their neighbors. I saw a group of Americans that are continuously denigrated by Democrats and their media propaganda machine.

It’s not the elites who will rebuild Texas and Florida. It’s not smug academics who will help these communities thrive again. It’s not even the government. It’s the working people of this country. It’s the individuals. And they will succeed.

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