Who Are The Real ‘Conspiracy Theorists’?


What’s a conspiracy theory that you believe in? We’ve all got at least one. For example, Apple sending out a bug to all of its devices before they drop a new iPhone. For years, we were all told that we were crazy and it was just in our head. Our phones weren’t really slowing down. Until last year, when Apple agreed to settle for $500 million for a claim that they intentionally slowed down the performance of older phones to encourage customers to buy newer models. 

Another ‘conspiracy theory’ that I fully believe in: the flu shot causes the flu. I don’t care how many doctors say it doesn’t, or how many degrees those doctors have. I don’t care if you received a Ph.D. in each and every flu variant. Every time in my life that I have gotten a flu shot, I have gotten the flu, until about 13 years ago when I said that I was no longer going to get the flu shot. And guess what? For 13 whole years, I didn’t get the flu. 

Now, for moms and dads out there, you’re going to love this one. How about the ‘conspiracy theory’ regarding the correlation between babies teething and spiking a fever? Every expert and doctor on the web says that that’s a myth. The fever is not at all related to teething. It’s just that every parent in the entire world will tell you otherwise. When babies teeth, they spike a fever, and they get a runny nose. 

There’s even a conspiracy theory about the term “conspiracy theory.” It’s the idea that the term was first introduced by the CIA in the 1960s to disqualify those who questioned the official version of the Kennedy assassination. In fact, in 1963, the year Kennedy was shot, did you know that the CIA launched a program known as Operation Mockingbird? They enlisted four hundred American journalists — as well as journalists around the world — to manipulate public opinion by spreading propaganda. Now, why would they do that after Kennedy’s assassination? The program, by the way, has never been officially discontinued. 

I want you to really think about that. How many mockingbirds do you think are out there today trying to throw you off the government’s trail? To that effect, the term “conspiracy theory” is meant to be a disciplinary device. If you commit a thought crime, by recognizing that perhaps the corruption runs much deeper and darker than we could have ever imagined, then you’ll be painted as a wacky Aunt. 

But what if your Aunt’s not so wacky? Could the lies really be so deep and so dark as to suggest that our very own government orchestrated the assassination of JFK, a sitting president? I don’t know, that one seems pretty far-fetched. At least it did seem far fetched until our government just kept delaying and delaying the promised release of the JFK files. In fact, they were supposed to be released this year again. And Joe Biden said, ‘No, actually, we can’t because of COVID 19.’ He said, “temporary continued postponement is necessary to protect against identifiable harm to the military, defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement or the conduct of foreign relations that is of such gravity that it outweighs the public interest in immediate disclosure.” What? What could possibly be in the JFK files that would threaten our intelligence operations? What lies were told to the public? 

Today, we have mockingbirds who are effectively telling us every day that we’re all going to die unless we do exactly as the government says. We had to stay home, forfeit our businesses, mask our children, inject ourselves with new mRNA technology vaccines — not once, but twice — in order to return to normal. Of course, normal never came. They kept masking our children, and they extended vaccination to our small children, who have an approximately 0% chance of dying from the virus. But the mockingbirds want you to know that you should trust the experts anyway, even though they lied about virtually everything, even though it never went back to normal, even though the vaccines did not give the vaccinated their freedoms back. 

Now, the mockingbirds are telling you to get a booster and beyond that, a fourth shot — also, a booster will be ready in 100 days to combat the fourth or fifth variant. I don’t know what omicron is. Honestly, I lost count. But the conspiracy theorists on the other hand, the ones that you should not be listening to because they’re ‘anti-science,’ they’ve been telling you that things were never going to return to normal, that the government is using COVID to usher in a new global totalitarian world order that is going to give them control over every area of your life down, down to how many people you are allowed to have in your home during the holidays. 

The conspiracy theorists, the ones that you should not listen to, have been telling you that this was an intentional pandemic planned for years among the most powerful people and corporations in the world. So I guess my question for you at this juncture is who do you believe? How many variants and boosters will it take for you to see what is right in front of you?

The views expressed in this opinion piece are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Wire.

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