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Whitmer Mocks Christians With Stacey Abrams Prayer Candle: ‘Offensive As Hell’
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Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer tweeted a photo of a prayer candle featuring the image of failed Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams on Wednesday morning, in celebration of the expected Democratic control of the U.S. Senate.

The tweet sparked thousands of reactions, including from Christians highlighting Whitmer’s apparent fervent faith of Leftism and seeming mockery of Christians, particularly Catholics who often use prayer candles.

“Good morning!” Whitmer captioned the post.

“This from the group that voted God out of their party a decade ago…,” noted activist JT Lewis.

“Progressivism is an anti-Christian cult,” asserted Emerald Robinson.

Candidate Eric Esshaki wrote, “So much for ‘inclusivity.’ This is offensive on so many levels to so many believers.”

“This is offensive as hell, you ghoul,” said Catholic nurse Amy Curtis.

“Remember when they said that #MAGA was a cult?” posed Daily Caller associate editor Virginia Kruta, “Yeah, about that …”

“The Left worships man, not G-d, proving once again it is a secular religion,” commented Benjamin Weingarten, a contributor at The Federalist.

“This is the difference between Democrats & Republicans. Dems worship politicians & govt, Repubs worship God,” wrote conservative Liz Wheeler.

Whitmer’s appropriation of Catholic imagery and tradition is particularly ironic given that her administration has targeted faithful Catholics. Her Attorney General Dana Nessel fought to close faith-based adoption agencies in the state because of their “discrimination” against LGBTQ placement families.

The adoration for Abrams is also highly common among left-wing Hollywood elites, like actor and progressive activist Mark Ruffalo, who called Abrams a “real superhero.”

“[Stacey Abrams] is a real superhero,” he posted. “Once again saving us all.”

“Comedian Chelsea Handler and ‘Frozen’ songwriter Kristen Anderson-Lopez suggested statues be erected in Abrams’s honor, and ‘West Wing’ alum Richard Schiff floated making her ‘person of the year’ while actress Rosanna Arquette predicted the Fair Fight Action founder would be the recipient of the country’s highest civilian honor,” The Hill noted Wednesday, adding that singer Cher called Abrams a “GODDESS.”

Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock is the projected winner in the runoff election against Republican incumbent Kelly Loeffler, according to The Associated Press. The other Senate race between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican David Perdue has yet to be called.

As noted by National Review in September, Abrams excused her gubernatorial loss with claims “voter suppression” and made it her mission to stop the supposedly racially-charged “voter suppression” in Georgia and elsewhere in the country “even if that means upending constitutional norms”:

… Abrams has decided that voter-ID laws in Georgia, for example, represent Jim Crow–level discriminatory evil, she will court radical zeal on behalf of  identity politics to do whatever it takes — even if that means upending constitutional norms — to ensure voters are never “suppressed” again, in Georgia or elsewhere. By framing the issue — that some citizens supposedly do not have the capacity to register to vote under revised state laws — as a moral one, an assault on civil liberties, the powers that be can use the federal government to intervene and “save democracy” at the expense of the Constitution — or what’s left of it. (Abrams can also excuse herself for losing the election and she can have a cottage industry of voting-rights organizations and she can secure a book deal and she can be the subject of an Amazon documentary.) 

Abrams’ efforts have been praised by Democrats, legacy media, and celebrities for turning Republican red states like Georgia Democratic blue.

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