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White Privilege Conference Criticized For Being Too White

The annual White Privilege Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was apparently too white for the attendees.

The conference, which was attended by The Daily Caller News Foundation‘s Blake Neff, focused on fighting back against microaggressions. They had attendees introduce themselves by their names and pronouns since the term “he” could be a microaggression. In fact, anyone who felt triggered was allowed to speak up and presenters would apologize for triggering them.

Apparently all of the lecturing on microaggressions and the lengths the conference went to protect people’s safe spaces were not enough for the precious snowflakes attending the conference. They criticized the conference for being too white, starting a #WPCSoWhite hashtag on Twitter. Neff compiled some noteworthy tweets:

This was a conference that featured a speaker blaming everything on “Christian hegemony” and the keynote speaker saying that too many white superheroes in a movie is racist. But the social justice warriors continue to find things to be offended about, even in a conference that rails against white privilege.