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Which Two Red States Is Hillary Now Targeting?

By  Aaron Bandler

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is smelling blood against her Republican opponent, Donald Trump, and is zeroing in on two red states: Arizona and Georgia.

The Washington Post reports that Clinton’s campaign told party leaders in those states that they’re going to start “transferring funds to hire more field organizers in those states.”

“We look forward to working with the Clinton campaign over the coming months here in Georgia, and are excited about their interest in the state,” Rebecca DeHart, executive director of the Georgia Democratic Party, said in a statement. “Secretary Clinton overwhelmingly carried this state in the Primary election and we stand ready to deliver GA to her in November.”

Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams told the that the Clinton campaign had been in Georgia “for weeks already.”

“Over the next few weeks there will be conversations about where and how that increased investment will be deployed,” Abrams said. “More than anything, it signals the recognition of the changing tide in the south and in Georgia.”

Former Democratic National Committee official Albert Morales told the Post that Clinton would likely need “$2 million to $3 million” in each of Arizona and Georgia and focus on the early voting.

“Tight races such as these are always won during early vote,” Morales said.

The Clinton campaign is already planning to tout the endorsements of numerous “former Republican officials” to help her win these two states.

Clinton has a real chance to win both Arizona and Georgia. As The Daily Wire reported on Monday, a recent poll has Trump down seven points to Clinton in Georgia, and Clinton has a 50.7 percent chance of winning the state, according to FiveThirtyEight’s polls-only forecast. A recent poll also had Clinton leading Trump by three points in Arizona.

Whether or not Clinton will win these states remains to be seen, but the fact that she thinks she has a chance to win two normally red states shows how Trump is in deep trouble for November.

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