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When Government Is Everything, Everything Is Crazy

By  Ben

This week, Republican congressional candidate Rudy Peters of California was nearly stabbed by a 35-year-old Castro Valley resident, Farzad Fazeli. According to media reports, Fazeli started shouting about President Trump and then pulled out a switchblade. Thankfully, the switchblade malfunctioned, and Peters was able to fend off Fazeli, who was eventually arrested.

This is far from the only case of political violence we’ve seen in recent years. The most famous was, of course, the congressional baseball shooting by a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., was nearly murdered during the carnage. Now Scalise says: “You’ve got some people on the Left that just want this idea of resist … you’ve gotten to where there are death threats and literal attacks on lives … and frankly, what I want to see is the left stand up against this.”

Ben Shapiro

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