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What Does Trump’s Online Bro Mob Actually Think of Women?

It would be irresponsible to assume all those backing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump are sexist, vile creatures. Most of them simply do not want to sit through another regime of socialist tax plans and the risk of Clinton-handpicked Supreme Court nominees.

But not all of them.

A winning theme among Trump supporters is their vocal distaste for feminism. “Feminism is cancer!” screeches Breitbart editor and alt-right leader Milo Yiannopoulos at his numerous college lectures. Like most conservatives, Trump supporters agree that feminism is less about equal opportunity for women, and more of a resistance movement targeted at men and male societal contributions. But many Trump supporters have never previously cared for conservatism or its principles of equality and gender distinction, which begs the question: why exactly do Trump supporters care so much about destroying feminism if they shared no true conservative principles to begin with?

For many Trump supporters, the opposition to feminism goes way beyond simply assuring men are given the equal opportunity and respect they deserve. It’s really actually an opposition to any shred of female power altogether. The average Trump supporter is angry– and understandably so. Social justice warriors and feminists have unfortunately succeeded in somewhat converting our academic institutions into male-bashing, anti-family, agendered blobfish breeding grounds.

But that anger has transformed itself into a desperate attempt for a certain cadre of emasculated men to get back at women — and to those men, Trump is just the man for the job. Trump is infamous for treating women like sex toys. He regularly bashes women for their appearances and tends to evaluate them solely based on their favorability on the 1-10 “hotness rating” scale. He brags about his extramarital affairs. He blames his first marriage failing on his wife having a job and not having dinner ready for him when he wanted it, and advises his friends, “you have to treat [women] like shit.”

Trump is the perfect “alpha male” to represent a generation of psychologically castrated men.

These are men who couldn’t care less about traditional marriage, family, or mutual respect between the sexes. In a Breitbart column called “Sexbots: Why Women Should Panic,” Milo (or perhaps one of his interns) expressed his reasons for being gay and essentially why men do not need women because they can easily replace them with “sex robots.”

Women were told by feminists that they could “have it all” — the career, the husband, the kids and the book club. But it was a lie… I mean, look, I don’t mean to be rude, but most of the reason I went gay is so I didn’t have to deal with nutty broads. Imagine how much worse they’re going to get when the passive aggressive manipulation tactics stop working because the guy can get himself off with a thinner, hotter robot any time he wants to. They’re going to go mental.

After a long rant attributing women’s diminishing value to society as a product of significantly lower female IQ levels and whiny unnecessary emotions, Milo ended his column with the following words: “If I were you, girls, I’d start being a bit nicer to your boyfriends…”

But Milo and his minions are already doing “fabulously” without women, as they enjoy boasting on Twitter. His Twitter followers and “interns” often express their sexual love for each other in a way that most straight couples would never feel the need to publicize.

Mike Cernovich, another Trump-supporter who is known for his angry rants against women online — a man who got divorced and then brags about depending on his ex-wife’s alimony, self-publishing a book about how to successfully “dominate” women — similarly sees women as sexual commodities and evaluates female virtue based on physical appearances.

Interestingly, Cernovich frequently calls himself an “alpha male.”

Most of the angry tweets I receive after criticizing Trump are from men, and a large number of them are nothing but ad hominem attacks over my body parts. Furthermore, many Trump supporters actually believe feminism is good for women, and that anti-feminism is the same as anti-women’s rights including suffrage.

“This is why women should not be allowed to vote,” was an interesting response I received over Twitter.

As an anti-feminist myself, I believe in gender equality and mutual respect of male and female identities within a society. Feminism is not helpful to women; rather, it is a war on femininity and the God-given ability for the two sexes to complement each other and “become one flesh,” according to Genesis. Women need men, just as men need women, whether in relationships or in a community.

But the current presidential elections have made something clear about gender issues: demeaning one sex for the purpose of self-aggrandizement isn’t a strategy reserved for Hillary Clinton’s supporters. Trump supporters are doing the same thing, only this time demeaning women instead of men. Worse, they will attempt to hijack conservatism as a means of justifying their sex (or lack thereof)-driven anger as part of a larger ideological cause.

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