What Are ‘White Privilege’ and ‘Microaggressions’? Here’s A Handy Tutorial!


As spoiled, ignorant college students all across America consider ditching their exams but not their bongs to protest the supposed scourge of racism on campus, two terms have been repeated ad infinitum: “white privilege” and “microaggressions.”

These terms have become prominent at the university level because when you live in the most wealthy country in the history of mankind and have nothing better to do than play Xbox and vape — and when that same country glorifies victims of all types – you must come up with something to complain about. And so students like Jonathan Butler, the Mizzou hunger striker and a child of unending privilege, complains about “white privilege.” Smith College idjit junior Raven Fowles-Witten, attending a privileged, tony establishment university, complains about “microaggressions in classrooms.”

What do these terms mean?

As I explained yesterday at Breitbart News, “white privilege” is simply a term meaning “you’re a white person so shut the hell up.” Leftists suggest that anyone who is white carries advantages from skin color, particularly on campus, despite the fact that minority non-Jewish non-Asian students get into colleges with far lesser statistical scores. The only way to avoid charges of “white privilege” is to self-scourge sufficiently: like Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade, only the penitent man (or non-cisnormative human) shall pass. If you don’t believe in “white privilege,” that is merely another example of your “white privilege.”

Then there are “microaggressions.” Like “white privilege,” “microaggressions” live in the vague fantasy spaces of the leftist mind. Microaggressions and white privilege surround us, even if we’re not aware of them. Like The Force, they constitute an energy field created by all living things, surrounding us, separating us, tearing the galaxy apart.

To be more exact, “microaggressions,” according to social psychologist Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff in The Atlantic, “are small actions or word choices that seem on their face to have no malicious intent but that are thought of as a kind of violence nonetheless.” So how do you know they’re malicious? You don’t. Your subjective interpretation of the comments is what counts. As overeducated moron Aaron Z. Lewis, 21, of Yale told The New York Times, “I don’t think it matters what my own personal experiences are with [racism on campus]. What matters is that we all need to have empathy for the experiences that people of color have even if we don’t have those experiences for ourselves…It really is hard to believe because we want to believe that we’re a postracial society, but it’s just not true.”

Now, the beautiful thing about microaggressions is the term itself: microaggressions. They aren’t “micro-offensive statements.” Or “micro-insults.” They’re tiny aggressions, almost physical in nature. Such aggressions, as with all aggressions, call for punishment. Calling a transgender female – a man who thinks he is a woman – “sir” is grounds for legal battery, according to the left, because it is simply too microaggressive. Words may not break our bones, but they justify sticks and stones. That’s why assistant professor Melissa Click of Mizzou felt justified in calling for some “muscle” to deal with a reporter who wanted to take pictures of hunger-striking students: “She said she felt threatened by [reporter Mark Schierbecker]…She said she felt that she and the students were being aggressed upon.” That’s why black students at Mizzou said today that they wanted white students moved away from them so they could have a “safe space” — “white privilege” itself, the status of whiteness, represents a “microaggression” in need of full-on racist rectification.

Like all fascists, the Pantywaist Fascists must claim that they are not the original aggressors. Like Vladimir Putin claiming that Ukraine instigated violence, or Hitler claiming that the needs of German ethnics in Czechoslovakia required annexation, today’s fascists now claim that non-events justify calling in the men with guns.

“White privilege,” in short, is an excuse to shut you up.

“Microaggression,” in short, is an excuse to arrest, jail, or hurt you.

Together, these two ideas represent an existential threat to Western thoughts and freedoms. Coming in the guise of sensitivity, they end with force. In America, tyranny won’t come via jackboot, at least not at the outset. It’ll come in Uggs.