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At What Age Do Millennials Consider Themselves Adults? The Answer Will Stun You.

By  Aaron Bandler

A new report has found that millennials don’t consider themselves adults until they reach the age of 30.

Yes, you read that correctly.

According to The Wrap, research compiled by David Poltrack, CBS’ chief research officer and their ratings expert, as well as Nielsen Catalina Solutions, found that millennials consider themselves adults at age 30 because that’s when they typically are completely responsible for themselves – they no longer reside with their parents and pay entirely for their own bills.

A key reason for this shift is economic: the job market has been sluggish since the 2007-2009 recession, worsened by the rising cost of housing. The employment situation has also been particularly tough for recent college graduates who are drowning in student loan debt.

When dealing with these economic challenges, staying with one’s parents has become rather alluring. Poltrack told The Wrap that in a way, parents have “coddled” millennials, encouraging many of them to stay at home.

“They’ve made it too good for them,” Poltrack said. “Why would you leave?”

Conservative Review‘s Chris Pandolfo offered a concise and precise thought on the matter:

The widespread parental “coddling” — reinforced in the educational system and progressive nanny state policies — in conjunction with a largely stagnant economy and onerous student loan debt, has helped produce a generation accustomed to a state of dependency. Let’s hope that future generations can reverse this trend so Americans can start growing up a little earlier and get on with their lives.

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