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What About Consent? Chris Cuomo’s Depraved Beliefs About Little Girls and Penises.

By  John Nolte

In defense of allowing guys into the girl’s locker rooms, on his verified twitter feed Thursday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo declaratively stated that a 12-year-old girl who doesn’t consent to looking at a penis is “the problem.” Or maybe the problem is “her overprotective and intolerant dad.”

After the backlash hit, Cuomo apparently deleted the above tweet and claimed, “This isn’t about a scared girl. It is about an overprotective parent who is afraid without basis.”

And that is what you call a distinction without a difference.

Regardless of whether or not Cuomo is blaming the child, what kind of sick freak believes there is something wrong with, or broken inside of, a 12-year-old girl who does not consent to being exposed to a penis?

You see, Cuomo’s highest value is not what this child agrees to or does not agree to be exposed to herself, his highest value is allowing guys into the girl’s locker room.

And what if it’s just a locker room for females of all ages? Are we going to allow this 12-year-old to be exposed to a grown man’s penis?

In Cuomo’s twisted mind, this is not an issue of whether or not this young girl (or anyone) should have the right to CONSENT to this kind of exposure, but whether or not she has been raised properly, trained correctly, indoctrinated accordingly…

Through his own moral fascism and emotional blackmail, Cuomo is abusing his national media power as a means to declare any parent who wishes to shield their young children from the sight of a strange penis as a bigot.

Moreover, any child who refuses to consent to such a thing, Cuomo is declaring that child damaged, an other, a freak, a weirdo, a victim of phobic parenting.

This is demonic thinking, an upside-down crucifix of the rules of healthy parenting…

A 12-year-old made uncomfortable by the sight of a strange penis is unquestionably a healthy, normal child.

A parent who wishes to protect their child from such an unhealthy sight is unquestionably a mature, caring and responsible parent.

But not according to Cuomo…

You see Cuomo has a political and social agenda, and in order to enact it…

Chris Cuomo will decide when your child’s innocence should be punctured.

Chris Cuomo will decide when your child is exposed to sexuality.

On some level, against her CONSENT, Chris Cuomo believes 12-year-old girls should have no choice in this matter. If she’s scared, whatever is wrong with her must be fixed until she is not, until she “agrees.”

And there is no question that Cuomo is damn sure in favor of using the power of the national media and the State to, not only take away your rights as a parent, but your 12-year-old daughter’s ability to CHOOSE what is and is not a safe and comfortable environment for her.

Man alive, the media is evil.

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