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‘The Weekly Standard’ Died Today. Here’s What That Means.

By  Ben Shapiro

On Friday, conservative mainstay magazine The Weekly Standard was shuttered after 23 years of weekly publication. The ownership of the magazine, Clarity Media, held a meeting with staffers at the magazine in which they announced that everyone was to clear out their offices by 5 p.m., then released this statement:

For more than twenty years The Weekly Standard has provided a valued and important perspective on political, literary and cultural issues of the day. The magazine has been home to some of the industry’s most dedicated and talented staff and I thank them for their hard work and contributions, not just to the publication, but the field of journalism. Despite investing significant resources into the publication, the financial performance of the publication over the last five years — with double-digit declines in its subscriber base all but one year since 2013 — made it clear that a decision had to be made. After careful consideration of all possible options for its future, it became clear that this was the step we needed to take.

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