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Weekend Media Wrap, Vol. 7: What You Missed If You Weren’t Glued To The Sunday Shows

Every Sunday morning, legacy media outlets are taken over by elected officials, aspiring elected officials, administration insiders, and the usual collection of talking heads — all of whom are there to discuss specific policies, push talking points, or simply promote their own campaigns.

For those who don’t spend their Sunday mornings glued to the television — and their Sunday afternoons attempting to unravel a full week’s worth of network and cable news media spin — The Daily Wire has compiled a short summary of what you may have missed.

ABC News, “This Week”:

During a panel discussion on ABC News’ “This Week,” USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page touted what she said were two strong points — “two hopes” — when it came to winning in 2024, and neither of them was President Joe Biden.

“One is the economy is doing pretty well,” Page said, despite numerous polls indicating that Americans do not believe that Biden has done well in handling the economy. “The other is the issue of abortion that has been so powerful in the midterm elections and could prove to be that again.”

Politico’s Heidi Przybyla joined an ABC News panel discussion on “This Week,” and she said that there was nothing legally stopping former President Donald Trump from continuing his 2024 presidential run even if he were convicted and sentenced to prison.

“There’s nothing in the Constitution that says even if he’s convicted and goes to jail, that he can’t run a campaign from a jail cell under the worst circumstances,” she said.

CBS News, “Face the Nation”:

Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD) joined CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday morning, and he revealed that he had not ruled out appearing on a 2024 presidential ticket himself.

“I have not closed the door to that,” he said of a possible third-party run under the No Labels banner.

Hogan also took questions about the No Labels Party and whether or not they planned to disclose information about their donor list – and he said that if and when they ever officially “became a campaign,” the party would be obligated to “follow all the same rules” as other campaigns with regard to disclosures.

CNN, “State of the Union”:

Senator Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) joined host Dana Bash on CNN’s “State of the Union” to discuss a number of topics, and the conversation turned to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his recent health scares — moments when he appeared to “freeze” while taking questions from reporters on camera.

“He was in good shape,” Rounds said of a recent conversation with McConnell. “He was direct. He said he fell. He said, ‘I had that concussion.’ And he said, ‘They warned me that I would be lightheaded in the future and that I have got to be aware of it.’ He said, ‘It happened twice.’ He said, ‘It just so happens I’m doing it in front of reporters.’ But he felt good yesterday. He said he’s got to watch his hydration levels.”

NBC News, “Meet the Press”:

NBC’s Chuck Todd hosted The Atlantic’s Franklin Foer, who has written a book about President Biden’s first term in the Oval Office — and Foer said that Biden has “insecurities” about how intelligent people perceive him to be.

“He has this plagiarism scandal back in the 1980s,” Foer said, referencing one of Biden’s ill-fated runs for the Democratic nomination. “So when he walks into an interview … he wants to have mastery of what he’s discussing.”

Foer also suggested that Biden’s tendency to use uncertain terms when discussing his political future might be his way of leaving the door open for a potential exit from the 2024 presidential race.

“When he talks about his life … he always talks about [how] he can’t see where fate goes,” Foer said.

Biden and a number of his surrogates have said on multiple occasions that the president still intends to go ahead with his reelection campaign, despite polls that suggest even Democrats would prefer to see someone younger — or just someone different — on the ballot in 2024.

FOX, “Fox News Sunday”:

Anchor Shannon Bream opened a “Fox News Sunday” segment on President Joe Biden’s economic policies with a highly critical headline from The New York Times: “Biden Struggles To Make ‘Bidenomics’ A Plus, Not A Minus.”

Bream brought in Jared Bernstein, Chair of President Joe Biden’s Economic Advisers, who argued as he has in the past that the Biden economy is strong despite criticisms and low poll numbers. Bernstein touted the record-setting job growth under Biden, then deflected slightly when Bream pointed out the fact that many of the jobs Biden claims to have “created” were actually jobs coming back after losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns.

MSNBC, “Inside With Jen Psaki”:

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) joined former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki to discuss gun violence, and he appeared to blame violent extremism and race-, sex-, and gender-based violence on conservative political rhetoric.

“There is a direct through line between the glorification and endorsement of violence that is happening in right-wing political circles and the usage of violence against black, brown, gay, lesbian, transgender Americans,” he said.

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