Wednesday Afternoon Update: U.S. Sends Tanks To Ukraine, McCarthy Smacks Down Schiff, Walmart Increases Pay
JLGutierrez via Getty Images
JLGutierrez via Getty Images

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U.S. Sends Tanks To Ukraine

President Joe Biden announced today that the United States is sending 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. The U.S. will also provide the necessary training and supplies needed to operate and run these tanks. In his remarks announcing the move, Biden emphasized that the 31 tanks are the equivalent of one Ukrainian tank battalion.

McCarthy Smacks Down Schiff

Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) fired back at reporters questioning why he removed Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff from the House Intel committee, arguing that Schiff had previously used the position for partisan gain. McCarthy also removed Congressman Eric Swalwell of California from the Committee.

Santos Could Be Removed From Congress

McCarthy has also announced that New York Republican Representative George Santos will be removed from Congress if the Ethics Committee finds that he broke the law. Santos has been accused of making a variety of false claims, as well as secretly crossdressing as a woman and stealing thousands from a charity meant for a veteran and a sick dog.

Pelosi Makes Another Perfectly-Timed Stock Trade

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is being criticized for a conspicuously timed stock move after it was revealed on Wednesday that she dumped stocks in Google’s parent company Alphabet just weeks before the DOJ announced an anti-trust lawsuit against the platform. Pelosi and her husband Paul have regularly outperformed the market, but have claimed that they do not use intelligence gained from Pelosi’s position for their financial decisions.

Pope Francis Says Homosexuality Is A Sin, But Not A Crime

In an exclusive interview with the AP, Pope Francis said that being homosexual is not a crime, but that it is a sin. He also called on bishops to welcome LGBT people into the church.

Earthquake Rocks Malibu

A 4.2 magnitude earthquake hit about 10 miles south of Malibu, California, early this morning. The quake was centered offshore and there were no reports of injuries or damage despite several aftershocks. The National Weather Service says it is not expecting a tsunami.

Triple-Murderer Asylum-Seeker Who Lied About Age Sentenced To Jail In U.K.

In the U.K., a 21-year-old who sought asylum was sentenced to a minimum term of 29 years for killing an aspiring Royal Marine in March of last year. The man — an Afghani migrant who was allowed into the country after falsely claiming to be 14 at the time — was also convicted in his absence of committing two additional murders in Serbia. Lawmakers are now demanding changes to the asylum process.

Arkansas Moves To Designate Drag Shows As Adult-Oriented Businesses

State senators in Arkansas passed a bill on Tuesday that would classify drag shows as “adult-oriented businesses,” which would block children from being present for events like drag queen story hour or drag brunch, among other controversial programs. The bill now heads to the Arkansas House for consideration.

Walmart Increases Pay

And, Walmart announced this week that it will be upping its pay for lots of “associates.” It’s anticipated that workers at the mega-chain will make on average above $17.50 an hour in the U.S.

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