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WATER STILL WET: The Week’s Top 5 Most Pointless Headlines

What a week for news! Massive scandals involving major Democrat players and officials were exposed, and the U.S. made incredible strides in the war against ISIS. Of course, the media did their very best to ignore these stories, instead choosing to skewer Trump over his treatment of Gold Star families. Amid all the real news, a few stinkers found their way in the mix.

So without further ado, I present the most unnecessary headlines of the week:

1) Trump Voters Believe Sex Allegations Against Weinstein, But Not Against Trump (Huffington Post)

President Trump said it himself: “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” In large part, that estimation has been correct thus far in his presidency. He’s done some good, some bad, and some in between, but his loyal MAGA acolytes have never strayed from his side.

It’s worth noting, and I think Vince Coglianese put it best, when he said that “some men are dogs, and some men are wolves.” At this point, there’s little evidence to suggest that Trump is anything more than a dog. Harvey on the other hand, is most assuredly a wolf.

2) Barack Obama Joins Anti-Trump Chorus: “We Are Rejecting A Politics Of Division” (Salon)

What’s that you say? The last president, who increased tensions and division in this country more than any of his predecessors, thinks that his polar opposite, in both policy and attitude, is doing a bad job? That’s crazy talk!

This headline just drips with irony, to the extent that I had to place a catch bucket under my iPad. Nobody needs irony stains on their carpet.

3) And The Country’s “Rattiest City” Is ... (Huffington Post)

Apparently it’s Chicago! I would have bet money that D.C. took the top spot, what with all the ratty, smarmy politicians slinking around on Capitol Hill. Although … I suppose Chicago does have Rahm.

4) Paul Ryan: “Identity Politics Has Gotten Out Of Control In Our Country” (CBS News)

Of course … an old, rich, white, male Republican would say that.

5) Clinton Pitbull, Media Attack Kelly After Gold Star General Defends Trump Condolence Call (Fox News)

I’m actually incredibly disappointed that this is a story that’s worthy of inclusion in a column about pointless headlines. I was horrified at the leftist response to General Kelly’s heartrending press conference, but I wasn’t surprised by it.

Kelly was exactly right; the Left no longer holds anything sacred. General Kelly’s response to Congresswoman Wilson was not pointless, or useless. It was incredibly brave and took real courage. That, of course, makes the Left’s response even worse.