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WATER STILL WET: This Week’s Top 4 Most Useless Headlines

What a week! Hollyweird spiraled out of control with its Harvey Weinstein implosion, and even Ben Affleck’s “Buttman” was unable to save the day. President Trump unsubtly promoted the idea of silencing untruthful media with federal intervention, and on Thursday, signed an executive order which circumvents a number of Obamacare mandates. And while all of that was interesting and newsworthy, there was still plenty of room for headlines that were . . . not. So without further ado, behold, the week’s top four most pointless headlines:

1.) Here’s Why Naked Yoga Photos Are Trending On Instagram (Highsnobiety)

Men use Instagram. Men like naked women. That is why.

2.) Democrats Reject White House Immigration Proposal (RealClearPolitics)

On October 8, President Trump outlined a number of immigration proposals to Congress that he said “must be included” in upcoming legislation regarding DACA-protected illegal immigrants. Among the demands was a renewed call for border wall funding, and a point-based merit system for potential legal immigrants.

And the Democrats said no! Can you believe it?

It’s strange . . . It almost seems as if the Democrats understand that full amnesty measures would likely turn Texas blue, as California did following Reagan’s 1986 amnesty. Could it be that Democrats actually want to start winning elections again?

3.) Doug Jones Picks Up Endorsement From Nation’s Largest LGBTQ Group (Huffington Post)

In case you haven’t heard, Doug Jones is Roy Moore’s Democrat opponent in the Alabama Senate race. Moore has made his name as a staunch conservative and devout Christian who has steadfastly opposed same-sex marriage. In 2005, he went so far as stating that he believes “homosexual conduct should be illegal.”

Is it any wonder then that the nation’s largest LGBT activist group, the Human Rights Campaign, supports his opponent?

Let’s take an even broader look at this. The HRC’s 114th Congressional Scorecard lists only one Republican member of Congress, Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois, as having a 100% rating. Yet somehow it’s newsworthy that this activist group is supporting Doug Jones.

4.) A Ginsburg-Gorsuch Rivalry Heating Up On SCOTUS? (Daily Caller)

This is actually a fascinating article that details some interesting Supreme Court legal precedent. But I felt it was worthy of inclusion here because the suggestion that two justices with polar opposite ideologies weren’t besties is just too good to pass up.

Neil Gorsuch is an originalist who believes that the Supreme Court is only empowered to rule on issues in accordance with their constitutional legality. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, on the other hand, is one of the most “progressive” Supreme Court Justices to ever earn appointment. They studied the same law and the same founding documents, yet they came away with very different understandings.

Reading the article, I kept picturing Gorsuch sitting down for lunch with the justices, opposite Ginsburg, only to be told in true Mean Girls fashion, “you can’t sit with us.” Looks like her fabled friendship with Scalia came from him and not Ginsburg.